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CoolIT Systems announces Delphi acquisition

by Parm Mann on 28 April 2009, 12:14

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CoolIT Systems, a Canadian thermal-solutions provider, might be considered a newcomer to the market since its arrival in 2006. In its first three years on the scene, however, it's making quite a name for itself with headline-grabbing components such as the Domino ALC - a product we're currently giving away in our latest competition.

Today, it's detailing its plans for future expansion by announcing the acquisition of a number of assets formerly belonging to Delphi Thermal Liquid Cooling. Although perhaps not a household name, Delphi serviced a large number of industry giants including Apple and Dell - both of which will now be serviced by CoolIT Systems.

Those familiar with the thermal market may recognise Delphi as the outfit that created the cooling system in Apple's G5 and the water block for Corsair's HydroCool 200.

With Delphi Thermal Liquid Cooling's intellectual property, machinery and equipment on board, CoolIT reckons it's best positioned as "the global leader in advanced liquid cooling for computers" and CEO Geoff Lyon has this to say:

"Traditional air cooling is no longer a viable roadmap option for servicing the PC industry’s high performance, heat-producing hardware. We’ve recognised this and made it our mission to produce advanced liquid cooling systems that embody the reliability and performance characteristics the industry needs for mass market adoption."

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