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CoolIT and Kobalt Computers showcase extreme PC

by Luke Willson on 9 March 2009, 13:00

Tags: Kobalt Computers, CoolIT

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The folk over at CoolIT Systems made a name for themselves when the mighty Dell took the company's MTEC technology and stuck it into the XPS 710 H2C high-end desktop machine. Since then it has introduced the Domino ALC for simpler liquid-cooling. Now it has gone to town at CeBIT with a custom machine built by Kobalt Computers.

Driven over from England, the beast of a rig has more tubes and pipes than is sane. Take a looksie:

Built into a custom chassis, the monster uses four CoolIT Freezone Elite chillers that cool the CPU - an overclocked Core i7 965 Extreme Edition at 4.4GHz - along with a couple of GeForce GTX 295 liquid-cooled cards, and a stout 1,200W PSU.

Pipes and tubing, ahoy!

There be some TECs there.

The see-through 'Blade' chassis won't pass current electro-magnetic compatibility testing, according to the folks at CoolIT, but Kobalt will probably add an internal mesh to bring it up to specification.

It keeps it nice and cool, too.

Certainly looking good in the flesh and probably outrageously expensive to boot, we kind of like it. Now, how do I get one for 'long-term' testing?

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looks good, whats the pricing?
looks good, whats the pricing?

Definitely gonna be a case of “If you have to ask”…
It looks beautiful, but, unless I am much mistaken, it has a standard 80mm case fan venting out of the back of the chassis! Isn't that somewhat superfluous?
If they're half-decent graphics cards (and there appear to be plenty of power cables!), then that's no 80mm fan. 120mm I'd guess.