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AMD Wraith Prism solus will be available shortly

by Mark Tyson on 13 February 2018, 11:11


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According to reports from TechPowerUp and Tom's Hardware France, AMD has launched its Wraith Prism CPU cooler as a stand-alone product. At the time of writing it is not detailed on the AMD Cooler Solutions microsite, or in any press release, but AMD released some details about the Wraith Prism at CES 2018.

In basic terms, the AMD Wraith Prism is a clone of the Wraith Max with the added frills of RGB LED lighting. AMD refers to its Wraith Max as the "ultimate cooling solution for air-cooled processors". It is compatible with AMD Ryzen and 7th Gen A-Series and Athlon processors (socket AM4), as well as AMD FX 4000/6000/8000-series processors (socket AM3+) and AMD A-Series and Athlon Processors (socket FM2+).

AMD supplies the cooler with several fan profiles for different processors and OC modes.

On the topic of the AMD Wraith Prism's lighting features, it replaces the Wraith Max's (red) colour LED strip with a 'Rainbow' RGB strip plus illuminated fan blades. Users can control the lighting and effects by downloading AMD Ryzen Master software. Alternatively, AMD has designed the RGB features to be controllable as part of Asus Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, and Biostar Vivid systems.

Expect the AMD Wraith Prism solus to sell for approx US$49, about $5 more than the standard Wraith Max.

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Dark Mode for RGB heathens


Been a few years since I was last called a heathen ;)
Ooh look it's all pwetty. In my case. With no window. Oooh
Pretty nice. If they would make it compatible with Intel CPUs then I guess they would sell better.
Quiet operation at 39dBA!?!?! I don't consider that quiet. My current CPU cooler fans run at 17-22dBA and that is quiet. 39dBA in a quiet bedroom is rather noticeable.