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Win-lose-win with Thermaltake's DuOrb

by Steve Kerrison on 29 January 2008, 17:23

Tags: DuOrb, Thermaltake (3540.TWO), PC

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To promote the launch of its newest, and possibly most ostentatious CPU cooler ever, Thermaltake is running a competition in which both the winners and losers have a chance of getting their hands on the prize.

The DuOrb, which was recently featured in a sneak-peek video on YouTube, has two fans (with LEDs of course) arranged side by side to cool a pair of semi-circular heatsinks. The sinks are fed by heatpipes, of course.

The competition requires that users embark on a DuOrb theme game of roulette... with just two outcomes - red or blue, which are the colours of the two fans on the DuOrb. Players gamble their points away until they're left with very little, or guess well and accumulate lots of points.

Either way, Thermaltake will be picking winners from the highest and lowest scores, offering up prizes including cases, PSUs and coolers (including the DuOrb itself, of course). So, if you want a chance of winning, you can choose one of two strategies - try to do ace, or try to do crap!


Visit Thermaltake's DuOrb sub-site for more info on the product and to take part in the compo.

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Not a lot of point playing :) the game has clearly been hacked by the same people who spend all their time hacking games on sites like Neopets and so on :P
I can't even get to the site, it's been slowly loading for the last 10 minutes now.
ahh, I would have liked to win one of these :(
I can't even get to the site, it's been slowly loading for the last 10 minutes now.

Same here.. 20 minutes and only at 81%
There are no reviews on the product yet :(

Do Hexus have any plans to benchmark it ??