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Thermaltake flaunts DuOrb CPU cooler

by Parm Mann on 4 January 2008, 13:59

Tags: Thermaltake (3540.TWO)

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DuOrb, two fans are simply better than one

Continuing from the concept of Thermaltake's DuOrb VGA cooler, the DuOrb CPU cooler emphasises that two fans will work better than one.

Set to be demonstrated at CES, the DuOrb CPU cooler features two independent heat radiating areas and an all copper construction consisting of 6 heatpipes. Accompanied with two fans creating a dual-flow to take heat away from the CPU, Thermaltake claim the cooler to not only be fast and efficient but to provide more coverage too. Due to the dimensions of the cooler, it is said to be efficient at cooling areas surrounding the CPU such as the RAM and Northbridge.

It's actually rather good looking too and looks impressive in action. Though, I am a little dubious of having one red and one blue fan, I'd have preferred them both to be the same colour. Still, it looks the part and you can see it in action in this rather emotional teaser video:

Official press release: Thermaltake CES Hot Products: Sneak Peek on the New DuOrb CPU cooler!

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Looks dead snazzy but will wait till the reviews to get excited as from the location of the fans it looks like there might not be that much air flow on top of the CPU bracket therefore will be reliant on the heatpipes to get the heat away.
Strange.. looks like 90mm fans…2x90 about same as 1x120 in airflow.. so whats the point and why does it blow hot air off heatsinks onto the ram etc.. surely it should suck off that area?

Reviews will be interesting.. I suspect gimmick and no real performance. Gonna be a nightmare for retailers as it looks fragile as hell too! :rolleyes:
Most top down HSFs always blow air down into the fins, the thing about cooling the chipsets/ram etc.. is that some air even if it's warm is better then no air.
I'd prefer it if end user could choose the fan colours - the red/blue combo seems slightly tacky and might not suit everyones case. :rolleyes: Nice concept tho.