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Cooler Master instigates branding and design overhaul

by Ryan Martin on 17 August 2015, 13:05

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MasterCase 5

The main focus of Cooler Master's Make It Yours event is the company's latest product launch, slated for August 18th, the MasterCase 5. Cooler Master had already unveiled MasterCase 5 at Computex 2015 in June though at this event it was able to reveal the finalised design, specifications and features.

The 'Master' prefix will be incrementally rolled out to other product categories to standardise Cooler Master's branding and product segmentation. Consumers can expect MasterAir (air CPU coolers), MasterLiquid (liquid CPU coolers), MasterMouse (mice), MasterPal (notebook coolers and stands) MasterPower (power supplies) and MasterSounds (audio products). A keyboard equivalent was also discussed but branding and products for this range is still yet to be confirmed, MasterKey, MasterKeys and MasterKeyboard were all touted as potential names. Cooler Master made it clear that while famous products series, such as Cosmos, HAF and Seidon, will all be replaced in name, they will still live on in spirit and in the designs of future Master products.

MasterCase 5, which comes in three variations, embodies Cooler Master's new approach to tweaking and customisability. MasterCase 5 is the entry model, MasterCase Pro 5 is the mid-range model and MasterCase Maker is the top-flight variation. At the heart of the customisation approach is what Cooler Master calls the 'FreeForm Modularity System'.

In essence FreeForm is a design trait which allows for modularity and upgradeability in terms of front, side and top panels, hard drive cages, the I/O panel and other accessories such as dust covers, interchangeable case feet are also rumoured for the future too. In future when new cases are added to the MasterCase line Cooler Master expects many parts to be compatible across different cases. Enthusiasts will note that the clip and click system on the hard drive cage can also be used to mount Cooler Master's reservoirs and other liquid cooling products that are part of the MasterLiquid range.

Despite the case being ready for an August launch Cooler Master proclaimed that the full array of accessories and accessory packs were still yet to be finalised. Cooler Master is seeking customer and community feedback on the initial case and what accessories people would like to see....a top panel with built-in wireless charging capability springs to mind.

In our time spent in the Cooler Master Maker Workshop we also had the opportunity to see a custom HEXUS branded MasterCase 5 side panel in creation, stay tuned for the full HEXUS review of the MasterCase 5 coming later on this month.