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Serif Launches DrawPlus X6 – The Complete Graphics Studio

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powerful and easy-to-use graphics studio has launched today for illustrators and hobbyists looking to create digital art. DrawPlus X6, from creative software developer, Serif, promises to be the fastest and most accomplished version yet, offering native 64-bit compatibility and more powerful tools to produce outstanding vector art, graphics and animations.

The latest version of the award-winning DrawPlus has been designed for professional graphic designers, enthusiasts and amateurs wanting to express their creativity in the home or office. The feature-packed program is great for diverse tasks such as drawing vector art, sketching ideas, designing logos and diagrams, painting naturally, turning photos into artwork, and creating animations - regardless of previous experience.

"Whether you're a professional or hobbyist, DrawPlus makes digital art and design accessible to artists and designers of all abilities," says Ashley Hewson, Managing Director at Serif. "The latest release has more powerful drawing tools than ever before, plus further enhancements to aid productivity and workflow. DrawPlus X6 is powerful enough to meet the demands of professionals and, thanks to its intuitive features and on-screen help, novices can learn to draw quickly too."

"Accelerated Graphics Technology combined with new, native support for 64-bit Windows means that DrawPlus' all round performance is improved, with superior results when working on large projects. Multi-threading technology also uses all the cores on a modern computer's processors, making DrawPlus X6 our fastest version yet." 

Professionals and enthusiasts will also be impressed with DrawPlus' improved options for layer and colour management, plus legacy features like blend modes and PDF editing. For beginners, DrawPlus X6 has dedicated studios, a How To tab for on-screen assistance, plus helpful video and online tutorials.

DrawPlus X6's new features include: 

  • 64-bit Engine - DrawPlus is now fully optimised for 64-bit computers, making for the fastest and most complete design experience yet.
  • Arc Tool - Drawing intricate arcs is easier than ever with this new, intuitive tool. Simply drag out an arc to a desired length and customise properties like curvature.
  • Spiral Tool - Creating impressive looking spirals is quick and easy with this new tool. Simply drag out a spiral onto the page and customise the number of turns and spacing between line segments.
  • Triangle Tool - It's never been easier to draw complete triangles and apply them to designs, artwork and logos with this new, time-saving tool.
  • Stencils - This new feature offers a wide selection of ready-made stencil templates which can be painted or sketched over. There is also the option to create bespoke stencils and save each one as a template.
  • New QuickShapes - DrawPlus X6 has two new QuickShapes. Users can now easily draw ornate frames, ideal for displaying photos, with the Quick Frame Quickshape. There is also the Phenakistiscope QuickShape, which displays multiple images in a sequence, creating the illusion of an animation when rotated and viewed in a mirror.
  • Optical Stacking - Intelligent optical stacking makes the ordering of objects on screen simpler. When adjusting the z-order of objects, users don't have to scroll through all objects on the page; a huge time saver when working on large, complex designs.
  • Text wrapping - For the first time users can truly integrate text with objects by setting text to flow around objects and customise wrap settings.
  • Open and Edit Images in PhotoPlus - Images in DrawPlus documents can now be opened in an image editor, such as Serif's PhotoPlus. Once editing is complete, images will be automatically imported back into DrawPlus.
  • Improved Colour and Palette Options -Auto-generate a palette of colours from an image and then add the colours to a document palette. For improved colour matching, DrawPlus' colour palette also now supports the Pantone GOE colour system, which consists of over 2,000 colours.

DrawPlus X6 is compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP, and retails at £81.69 (inc. VAT). It is available directly from Serif at Existing Serif Software users should contact 0800 376 7070 for further information on upgrade pricing.

About Serif

Serif is the publisher of the award-winning software range that includes PagePlus, PhotoPlus, DrawPlus, WebPlus, MoviePlus, CraftArtist and more. Founded in 1987 with the aim to develop low-cost alternatives to high-end publishing and graphics packages, Serif has been repeatedly praised for its powerful yet easy-to-use software which has put professional effects and demanding publishing tasks within the reach of ordinary PC users around the world. Now the winner of over 200 awards internationally, with over 6.5 million customers worldwide, Serif has over 230 employees at its head office, development and European sales centre in Nottingham, UK.