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Meetro announces new spin on online social networking

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On-The-Spot Local Meetings Through Instant Messaging

CHICAGO, Illinois - 04 August 2005 - Meetroduction, LLC announces the immediate availability of Meetro, the world’s first location-aware social networking software.

While traditional instant messengers and web-based social networks have only allowed users to connect with people as local as a city or state, Meetro allows users to connect within distances as little as a quarter mile.

Reaching beyond the Internet into the physical world.

Meetroduction has created from scratch an entirely new software representing the new standard in social networks. Designed to facilitate real-time meetings with people locally, Meetro bridges the gap between traditional instant messengers and the next-generation local meeting place.

“The beauty of Meetro is the direct way in which you connect with people nearby." said Paul Bragiel, CEO of Meetroduction. "Just run Meetro, double-click on a person and begin chatting immediately. It’s all realtime, which means you see and communicate with local people who are online right now.”

Meetro allows users to take all of their current buddy lists with them, sporting compatibility with major IM networks such as AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! and ICQ. Meetro's "universal instant messaging" support continues to grow, with future support plans for networks such as MSN and Jabber.

Who’s around, and who shares my interests?

“What we're doing is combining traditional instant messaging and automatic local buddy finding into a single application, which means you can find cool local people with similar interests no matter where you are." said Wendell Davis, President of Meetroduction. "Just moved to a new town or city? Drop a copy of Meetro onto your desktop computer and see what kind of people live in your neighborhood. Have some layover time at an airport? Crack open that laptop and run Meetro to see if any interesting people are hanging out. Meetro is real-time meets real life."

Meetro works with both wired and wireless networks. It is currently available for Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP and will be available for Mac OS X in Q4 2005.

Meetroduction, LLC was founded in October of 2004 by Paul Bragiel and Wendell Davis. Paul and Wendell met each other through mutual friends in 2001 in Poland, where both held companies working on video game development.