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honestech Film Scan&Save™ preserves your memories by converting your old film negatives into digital formats

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Honestech, Inc., a leading developer and marketer of digital video and Internet Protocol (IP) software technology for multimedia content has released honestech Film Scan&SaveTM which allows you to scan your photo negatives and slides, and save them in digital formats.  Your precious memories on your old photo negatives can deteriorate or be forgotten over time.  honestech Film Scan&SaveTM will help you convert them into digital formats that can be burned to CD or DVD, stored, organized and more easily shared. 

Priced at MSRP £79.99, honestech Film Scan&SaveTM is a standalone film scanner with a 5 megapixel CMOS image sensor and 32MB internal memory.  honestech Film Scan&SaveTM supports both photo negatives and 35mm photo slides.  The built-in preview screen allows you to view the image in real-time as you scan the photo negatives.  The film scanner will automatically adjust the brightness and other settings to give you the best possible image quality.  The scanned images are in high quality up to 10megapixel (3648x2432) and 1,800dpi format and can be saved on SD/SDHC/MMC card or the built-in memory.  You can also connect the film scanner to your computer via USB cable or TV via the included composite cable to view the scanned images instantly.

Price and Availability:

honestech Film Scan&SaveTM is available at £79.99 from PC World and Amazon.

About Honestech, Inc.

Honest Technology Inc. is a premier supplier of digital video and audio communication and entertainment solutions. Founded in 1998, as a pioneer of real-time MPEG encoding/decoding software technologies, the company's vision is to bring high-quality digital video and audio into users' daily lives by transforming the way video and audio are captured, delivered and experienced.

For more information about Honestech please visit www.honestech.com.