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Symantec to Deliver Deduplication Everywhere to Mid-Sized Businesses with Backup Exec 2010

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Press release

Backup Exec 2010 will help growing organizations reduce storage costs and manage backup and recovery across physical and virtual environments while reducing overall complexity

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - Jan. 25, 2010 - Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced Backup Exec 2010 to help mid-sized businesses save time and money by protecting more data and utilizing less storage.  Backup Exec 2010 offers fully integrated data deduplication and archiving technologies and is the first backup and recovery solution to offer granular recovery of Microsoft Exchange, SQL and Active Directory in VMware and Hyper-V environments from a single pass backup.  Backup Exec also adds new support for Microsoft Windows 2008 R2, Hyper-V R2, Exchange 2010, Windows 7 and VMware vSphere 4.0.

"Organizations of all sizes are struggling to effectively manage information growth, particularly as they leverage virtualization technologies, creating new backup and recovery complexities," said Pat Hanavan, vice president, Symantec Information Management Group. "Deduplication and archiving have primarily been enterprise-class technologies, but Backup Exec 2010 brings them to the masses to solve difficult IT challenges in an extremely simple and easy to use solution."

According to industry analyst firm IDC, storage capacity is growing between 48 - 50 percent each year[1], placing more data at risk and making the disaster recovery process much slower.  In fact, approximately 70 percent of data is duplicate and has not been accessed in more than 90 days[2].  Organizations that implement an integrated deduplication and archiving solution can realize up to 20-40 percent savings in storage costs and easily find and recover their critical information when they need it.

Deduplication Everywhere

Delivering on Symantec's deduplication strategy, Backup Exec 2010 offers a flexible approach to eliminating duplicate data without adding complexity.  Backup Exec 2010 offers integrated deduplication technology at the client/source and media server, in addition to integrating with third-party deduplication appliances through the Symantec OpenStorage API.  Deduplication allows organizations to dramatically reduce backup storage costs by consolidating and re-using existing storage resources, and client-side deduplication minimizes backup windows and reduces network utilization by up to 90 percent.  Deploying Backup Exec deduplication technology is a simple three-step process that does not require an additional point product: install the deduplication option, define the deduplication storage location and then target the backups to that location. 

Backup Exec 2010 will also allow organizations to easily automate deduplicating backup sets from one media server to another over a WAN to reduce data across larger distributed environments, such as remote offices for disaster recovery purposes.  With integrated deduplication, smaller remote offices will be able to replace local tape-based backup with an off-site backup plan that targets a central Backup Exec media server or central NetBackup PureDisk environment, minimally impacting the network.   

Unified Archiving

Backup Exec 2010 also integrates two new archive options to provide unified backup and archiving for Windows file systems and Exchange environments by archiving data from the backup copy, rather than separately pulling data from the source.  Powered by Symantec Enterprise Vault archiving technology, administrators can easily and more efficiently manage their data lifecycles by setting automated retention periods to migrate older, less critical data over time to less expensive storage environments.  The archive options also help optimize Exchange and File Server performance by eliminating redundant data at the server to further free up storage space, keep storage at predictable levels and reduce backup windows. 

Virtualize with Confidence

Backup Exec 2010 is the first backup and recovery software solution to offer granular recovery for virtual Microsoft applications from a single pass backup.  This unique technology enables organizations to reduce business downtime by recovering granular data from Microsoft Exchange, SQL, and Active Directory in VMware vSphere 4.0, VMware ESX or Microsoft Hyper-V R2 virtual environments in just seconds.  Administrators can easily restore or redirect an entire application or recover individual emails, mailboxes or file/folders quickly from inside a guest machine - from a single system backup. Deduplication can also be applied to VMware and Hyper-V client backups to further reduce and consolidate storage resources.

 Symantec delivers a range of support plans to help Backup Exec customers and partners install and upgrade quickly, and can train employees to leverage advanced functionality and maximize uptime. 

Supporting Quotes

"As a growing mid-sized business, it was critical that we leverage new deduplication technology to reduce overall storage," said Peter Lang, systems engineer, Government Employee Health Association.  "Backup Exec 2010 delivers an extremely simple solution with integrated deduplication capabilities to eliminate redundant data and shrink our storage before we send it to our disaster recovery site, making the recovery process easier and faster." -

"Our customers are very excited about the new deduplication features in Backup Exec 2010," said Symantec partner David Kramer, vice president of Advanced Internet Security (AIS). "They are facing budget challenges despite growing information stores so they are reluctant to buy more storage.  Backup Exec 2010 provides a great way for them to better leverage their existing storage, protect more data and reduce overall complexity."

"Through its OpenStorage Technology program, Symantec is the first and only backup software provider to support advanced features for offsite data storage when utilizing disk-based backup.  ExaGrid is pleased to be the only disk-based backup vendor qualified for both basic and optimized duplication with Backup Exec 2010 via OpenStorage," said Marc Crespi, vice president of Product Management, ExaGrid Systems, Inc.  

"The seamless integration between Quantum's certified DXi-Series deduplication systems and Backup Exec 2010 through the OST interface expands the respective capabilities of our product lines, enabling better integration of disk and tape tiers and providing advanced disk to disk functions," said Janae Lee, senior vice president of Marketing at Quantum. "As a result of this integration, we can offer even greater value to our very large joint customer base."

"Microsoft worked closely with Symantec during the development process of Windows Server 2008 R2 and Hyper-V R2 to ensure support in Backup Exec 2010," said Eric Jewitt, director of Windows Server Marketing, Microsoft.  "The new version of Backup Exec helps our joint customers protect and manage their critical information and make adoption even easier."

Availability and Pricing

Symantec Backup Exec 2010 is scheduled to be available worldwide on Feb. 1, 2010 with a suggested price of $1,174 USD for a media server license and Basic Maintenance.  The two new Backup Exec 2010 Suites that include deduplication and archiving options have a suggested price of $2,708 - $3,888 USD with Basic Maintenance.


[1] Source: IDC, Worldwide Enterprise Storage Systems 2009-2013 Forecast Update, Doc # 221287, December 2009

[2] Source: Sheila Childs, Gartner Presentation: New Archiving Technologies That Deliver Cost Savings and More