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Parallels Desktop 14 Now Supports macOS Mojave

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Apple’s just-released macOS Mojave is now fully supported by Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac (launched last month), which brings several macOS Mojave and other new features to Windows applications on a Mac. 
New and key feature highlights include:

  • Continuity Camera with iPad and iPhone devices and Windows applications: Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac on macOS Mojave makes it fast and simple to capture photos or scan documents from iOS devices directly into Windows apps in just a click or two – without all the tedious traditional steps.
  • Parallels Desktop 14 conforms to Dark Mode in macOS Mojave.
  • Quick Look in-place editing support for Windows files speeds up changing files with native macOS Mojave in Windows File Explorer interfaces.
  • Malware protection: Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac has been “notarized” by Apple. Now, when users on macOS Mojave first open Parallels Desktop 14, they will see a more streamlined Gatekeeper dialog and can have confidence that the app doesn’t contain known malware. Notarized apps are signed with a Developer ID certificate and include a ticket from Apple. 
  • Mojave-like screen shot support for virtual machines. Screenshots can be made from View menu and feature a thumbnail that appears in the corner of your screen. This thumbnail can be dragged as a file or clicked to be edited or shared via enhanced Quick Look.
  • Solution for Boot Camp not being supported by macOS Mojave on iMac Late 2012 with 3TB disks ( Parallels Desktop 14 easily imports everything you need from Boot Camp (, so you can continue to use your Windows apps and files in Parallels Desktop 14 on macOS Mojave – without having to reboot your Mac – so you can finally copy and paste text, images and more between Windows and Mac apps. You can also select Coherence mode to make Windows disappear, so you can seamlessly use Windows apps in the macOS Mojave environment with Mac gestures – as well as pin them to your Mac Dock, Launchpad or desktop so your Windows apps are available at your fingertips.

You can read more about Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac new features here and / or view this video.