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Auslogics File Recovery Receives an Update

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Auslogics File Recovery has received a functionality update to make it an even more useful tool for data recovery on MS Windows computers.

UK – October 20, 2017 Australian company Auslogics Software, a leading publisher of PC optimization products, has just released a major update to its popular data undelete program File Recovery. The software offers powerful algorithms for recovering accidentally deleted files or data erased by a virus, from almost any media, including PC hard drives, memory cards, USB drives or other sources.   

The latest program version comes with improved search algorithms and smoother preview functionality. It also offers users more control over what the program does and how it interacts with them. Besides regular searches, users can run a deep scan for the toughest recoveries, which may help restore files that could have already been partially overwritten. The preview feature lets users see file contents before restoring, which helps prevent unneeded files from being brought back onto a drive.  

Besides recovering deleted files, File Recovery offers options to secure user data by shredding sensitive documents and wiping the free space on one’s drive to ensure that no deleted files can be recovered. The program offers several levels of security for data wiping, including military-grade algorithms.  

“With this new File Recovery version users get a tool that isn’t only more effective, but is also safer and more user friendly, as we’ve made sure it complies with all clean software requirements,” stated Larry Riessen, Technical Officer with Auslogics. “We have also analyzed user feedback and made deliberate effort to get as many requests and suggestions implemented for better user convenience and effectiveness. Our customers can breathe easy knowing that their lost files are never gone for good when they have File Recovery.”

A free trial version of Auslogics File Recovery is available from the publisher’s website at

Company Background:

Founded in 2008 in Sydney, Australia, Auslogics Software publishes a wide range of computer maintenance, optimization and security tools for home and business use. The wide array of software titles produced by Auslogics includes virus and spyware protection, disk defragmentation and cleanup, Windows registry maintenance, Internet connection speedup, file recovery and a lot more. 

Software from Auslogics is used by over 15 million people around the globe and is the tool of choice of many IT and computer manufacturing companies, like Sony VAIO or AVG, in the US and other countries. Auslogics is a Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner and an Intel Premier Elite Software Partner.

Auslogics Disk Defrag has been praised as the best disk defragmentation tool on CNET and other online resources, as well as included in the 10 best free software programs of the year list by PC Magazine several years in a row.

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