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Auslogics Puts 9 Years of Computer Optimization Experience into Brand-New Mac Cleaner

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Australian maker of popular computer optimization software, Auslogics has released its first product for Macs designed to simplify maintenance and extend computer service life.

Sydney, Australia – March 22nd, 2017 – Auslogics Software, a leading publisher of innovative computer optimization programs, has recently launched a brand-new tool for cleaning cache and junk files from Mac computers. Auslogics Mac Cleaner promises to help resolve one of the main issues causing Mac users to replace their computers.

In its official Environment FAQ document posted on, Apple states that the company expects OS X devices to have a 4-year life cycle. Although technically OS X computers are capable of lasting significantly longer, surveys show that a large number of Mac users feel that they need to replace their computer even before the 4 years is up. Other users may buy their Macs used and face the same issue soon after purchase. The issue that is quoted by users as one of the main reasons for them to look for a new computer is their old computer’s reduced performance, which is often caused by accumulations of temporary and other unneeded files.

Auslogics Mac Cleaner is released after extensive testing was completed to ensure the program’s effectiveness. The software is capable of freeing up large amounts of disk space, clearing unneeded files from various locations and noticeably improving overall performance. “When we polled Mac users, we were really surprised to discover how many people were actually frustrated with less than great computer performance and had no idea what they could do about it besides purchasing a new machine,” – says Anna Lind, the company’s PR Representative. “We put a lot of research and years of experience into creating Mac Cleaner – a product that will hopefully help thousands of Mac users to extend their computers’ service life, and what’s even more important, help them enjoy their well-running machines.”

A free trial version of Auslogics Mac Cleaner can be downloaded from the publisher’s website at The full version can be currently purchased from the site at a special new release discount.

Company Background:

Founded in 2008 in Sydney, Australia, Auslogics Software publishes a wide range of innovative computer maintenance, optimization and security tools for home and business use.

Software from Auslogics is used by over 15 million people around the globe and is the tool of choice of many IT professionals and computer manufacturing companies. The company is a Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner.

Auslogics Disk Defrag has been praised as the best disk defragmentation tool on CNET and other online resources, as well as included in the 10 best free software programs of the year list by PC Magazine several years in a row.

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