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Rapoo intensifies focus on UK Market

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Rapoo, one of the world's leading manufacturers of wireless peripherals, today announced it will intensify its focus on the UK market.

Market leading technology going global

Founded in 2002 in Shenzen, China, the company became market leader in China in 2010 by combining unconventional modern design with innovative technology offering a wide range of products for home and business users. Noteworthy products include the 3510 Plus Fabric mouse, E9270P, and E2710 keyboards.

In 2010 Rapoo launched a gaming range brand under the VPRO name and expanded its reach on a global scale and currently offers its products in over 80 Countries. As part of its expansion in the EMEA market, the company is increasing its focus and operations on the UK market. 

‘This is an exciting time for Rapoo UK & Ireland, we are experiencing significant growth across multiple channels with plenty more opportunities to follow in 2019’ says Ben Allcock, Country Manager UK & Ireland. ‘Fundamentally Rapoo build quality products with leading edge design + technology, and the market is starting to recognise this. We also understand the importance of building long term sustainable partnerships and adding true value throughout the supply chain (Distributor, Reseller and end user) so everyone shares in our success. The local team has over 20 years’ experience in the UK market and a proven track record for building successful brands, we are very ambitious and with the support of our channel partners we are confident Rapoo will go from strength to strength.’

Shaping the industry

Rapoo’s wireless peripherals had a pioneering role in the usage of 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz technology, setting off a revolution in next generation wireless communications protocols used in products today. With its wide portfolio of products, it currently serves markets spanning from the PC industry, to home entertainment, mobile devices and other industries.

Following its world’s first introduction of 5 GHz technology in the wireless peripheral market, Rapoo is now once again introducing a world’s first technology that bridges the backwards compatibility gap that presented itself when Bluetooth 4.0 was introduced. Some of these new products include MT550, M500 Silent and 9300M among others.

Market availability

To ensure widespread availability Rapoo has signed with distribution partners Exertis and CMS Distribution.