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PQI into Fingerprint ID Application Market

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December 30, 2016 - A global leader in mobile peripheral solutions, PQI of Foxlink group will be exhibiting at the 2017 CES in Las Vegas during January 5 ~ 8 at booth LVCC, South Hall 2 - MP26046. During the exhibition, PQI's most sought-after PQI My Lockey "Access Within 0.15 Seconds, PQI Lockey is the World's Fastest Fingerprint ID Encryption Security" will be at the exhibition. It fills the gap where previous generation computers are unable to take advantage of Windows Hello. When users upgrade to Windows 10 without built-in biometric hardware, by installing PQI Lockey, they too, can take advantage of the advance biometric security offered by Windows Hello. As 2016 Q4 sales taper off with weak new system sales numbers and yet 500 million and counting existing computers are upgrading to Windows 10, the need for fingerprint ID demand may be on-the-rise. Another sign is fingerprint sensor manufacturers continues to grow, hinting that a boom in fingerprint ID is on the horizon. The biometric application is expect to reach 800 million units in 2017, this also include smartphones that have fingerprint ID capability. Many smartphone users are used-to and rely on the fingerprint function to unlock their smartphones. According to research data by GetElastic, when making purchases online, most people still use desktop or laptop computers. Personal preferences aside, this also hints people care about personal data security and that fingerprint sensor may bring unprecedented market opportunities. Heading into the first half of 2017, CEO of Global Operations at PQI, Spencer Chiu states that PQI shall maintain a positive attitude. 

On developing new products and channel distribution, PQI continues to innovate and expand its businesses around the globe. Utilizing Foxlink Group's sound research as a niche point and cost-effective productivity advantages to partner with US number one IC sensor and Touch-Pad manufacturer, Synaptics, to create My Lockey. It features Synaptics’ SentryPoint™ to identify forged fingerprints and Quantum Matcher PurePrint AI technology that detects biological life signs (identifying fake fingers). My Lockey also has breath-sensing and high precision algorithm to detect falsified biometric ID copies, making your data safer and harder for high-tech forgers to access! There is no doubt, your biometric ID is the best solution to gain access to your accounts. Everyone's biometric ID is unique, unduplicable and it's always on you to provide the ultimate privacy and data security that is safe beyond safe.

Looking towards 2017, it marks the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone. Rumor has it that the upcoming iPhone 8 will have under-glass fingerprint ID functionality. This means the fingerprint ID technology will truly be spread worldwide, covering two of the most purchased handheld devices, Android and IOS devices. However, PQI will continue to develop fingerprint technology applications for USB flash drives, external hard drives, etc. Coupling it with various Apps that will suit corporate, business, finance, school or any individual. PQI is currently in talks with multiple corporations and will deliver initial shipments soon after CES.

Co-exhibiting with Synaptics:

Booth number: LVCC, South Hall 2 - MP26046

About PQI

Founded in 1997 and now a subsidairy of Foxlink, PQI is a global leader in 4C solutions with strong manufacturing capabilities and decades of R&D experience. Initially a DRAM module manufacturer, PQI established subsidiaries in the US, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and China and integrated its all-round resources to create five major product lines; iStorage, Storage, Power, Mobility and Audio. PQI is now a global leader in mobile peripheral solutions with the focus of creating intelligent devices and hopes to make your every moment brilliant!

*More Product Information: http://www.pqigroup.com/prod_in.aspx?mnuid=1286&modid=138&prodid=1472