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Swiftech releases Apogee XL flagship waterblock

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Long Beach, April 21, 2014 -  Rouchon Industries Inc., d/b/a/ Swiftech® today announced the release of their new ApogeeTM XL flagship waterblock.

The XL promises enhanced thermal and hydraulic performance compared to its long line of award winning predecessors, and it ships with 4 interchangeable color plates to allow modders to match the block lighting to that of their custom build, a welcome feature for all enthusiast builders.

The ApogeeTM XL is compatible with all current Intel® and AMD® desktop processors, and ships with installation hardware for both. Legacy Intel® processors compatible with socket 775 and 1366 are also supported in option. 

"The ApogeeTM XL is manufactured in high volume since it will also be at the core of the upcoming and highly anticipated H220-X CPU cooling kit, and because of these economies of scale, we are able to offer it for sale at a very reasonable $64.95 MSRP",  said Gabriel Rouchon, Swiftech's chairman and CEO.

The product is now shipping to Swiftech® Channel partners worldwide.