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Phanteks introduces two new CPU Blocks to the Glacier Series

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands, February 26th, 2018 – Phanteks, the award-winning thermal cooling and chassis  manfacturer, is excited to introduce the latest additions to the Glacier Series, the C350ip (Intel) and C350ap (AMD). 

The Glacier C350ip and C350ap features a large copper base in high quality nickel finish, acetal top, and integrated high density cooling fins. The fins are fine-tuned to 0.4mm wide and designed with extra high fins (5mm) for improved conductivity. The C350ip and C350ap  are RGB-free and focus solely on performance. Tailored with Viton O-Ring, the C350ip and C350ap are durable, resistant to extreme temperatures and retains sealing performance for long periods of time. The Glacier C350ip and C350ap can be intergrated into any enthusiast system without compromise. 

The C350ip and C350ap CPU  Water Blocks are available in March, 2018. 

Model / MSRP:

GLACIER C350ip (Intel)   PH-C350ip_BK01 €69,90 / £61.99

GLACIER C350ap (AMD)   PH-C350ap_BK01 €69,90 / £61.99


For more detailed data and specifications information, please visit our website 



2 Years Limited Warranty