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The World’s First All NVIDIA ESA Certified: Thermaltake Key 3 Case, PSU, Liquid Cooling System!

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Feb. 1, 2008

The first time exposure of complete Thermaltake ESA hardware platform has already caught much attention with live demonstration at the CES Las Vegas early January. The Armor+ case had been highly recommended since its launch in 2007 winter, this new ESA version also comes with the leading features of 10 PCI slots, sliding motherboard tray with smart cable management and independent thermal management which were all heatedly discussed among PC enthusiasts. Toughpower PSU from Thermaltake on the other hand, was famed of its premium design, high reliability and efficiency with tight regulation; 850 Wattage model of the most demanded model on the present market had been chosen to be the first ESA PSU. Bigwater 780e had further advanced the well-liked space saving and instant installation characteristics of previous Bigwater 760i with increased coolant circulation amount and more convenient operation indicator.

With official NVIDIA ESA certification, Thermaltake ESA supporting hardware has strengthened the leading status and consumer confidence of the brand in PC DIY market. And for all the Thermaltake fans around the world, these ESA certified hardware will soon be available on the market in the first quarter of 2008 according to regions. Take a deeper look at the Thermaltake NVIDIA ESA Certified Chassis, Power Supply and Liquid Cooling system today, and be one of those leading PC Enthusiasts!