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Thermaltake CES Hot Products: Sneak Peek on the New DuOrb CPU cooler!

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1/7~10, 2008 Las Vegas, Thermaltake will be bringing you the latest technology and products at CES, America’s biggest Consumer Electronics Show in 2008! After the news about the first time exposure of Thermaltake ESA products at the show, Thermaltake will also be live demonstrating the new DuOrb CPU cooler that has long been anticipated.

The DuOrb CPU universal cooler has followed the design concept that made the great DuOrb VGA cooler. With two independent heat radiating area, this twin fan cooler cools twice as fast and efficient than the ordinary CPU coolers. Moreover, the Dual-flow created by the fans not only take the heat away from the CPU, but wider coverage of the two fans cool the CPU surrounding chipsets and RAM area at the same time! Adding up the all copper construction of 6 heatpipes, fins and mirror coating base, DuOrb CPU not only delivers maximum performance, but the beautiful cooper shine, the red-blue fan lights and the infinite shape also deliver superb aesthetic and style for the owners.

For the enthusiasts who are unable to attend the CES show, Thermaltake has released the sneak peek of DuOrb CPU today. Please click on the link below to be the first few to catch the beauty of DuOrb, and the CES special product news from Thermaltake!

Thermaltake DuOrb CPU Video Sneak Preview!!
Thermaltake CES Hot Products!!