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CoolIT Systems to Debut 2008 Lineup of Liquid Cooling Innovations at CES

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Calgary, Alberta – January 3rd, 2008 – CoolIT Systems follows up on its previous award-winning MTEC CPU coolers with a robust lineup of aggressive liquid cooling devices designed to meet the insatiable CPU/GPU cooling demands of any PC Enthusiast or Gamer.  Here is a sneak peek at the new standard of computer cooling.

Freezone Elite - Much like CoolIT’s award-winning Freezone, the Elite harnesses the power of both liquid cooling and thermoelectrics to drive CPU temperatures down to unprecedented levels.    The Freezone Elite builds off of the Freezone by offering a 120mm fan, increased heat dissipation of up to 250W, and a sleek new black faceplate.  The Elite package also includes CoolIT’s MTEC Control Center, a hardware/software module that enables you to monitor thermals in real time and adjust cooling power with a simple click of the mouse.  The Freezone Elite is the first sealed liquid cooling system fully ESA* certified bringing CoolIT into the forefront of the most cutting-edge PC hardware technology.  The CoolIT Systems Freezone Elite  is available now for $449.99. 

Dual Drive Bay VGA Coolers – After proving its expertise in CPU cooling, CoolIT enters the GPU cooling market with the Dual Drive Bay VGA Coolers.  This unique device fits easily into any dual drive bay slot.  Each on-card solution maintains a low profile single PCI card height and incorporates micro-channel technology for unprecedented performance. CoolIT currently offers the Dual Drive Bay VGA coolers compatible with the ATI HD 2900, ATI HD 3870, HD 3850, NVIDIA 8800GTX, NVIDIA 8800GT,  NVIDIA 8800GTS 512 and NVIDIA Tesla.  Each one installs easily with maintenance free operation and provides extreme cooling for optimal graphics performance while also significantly reducing noise.  The Dual Drive Bay VGA Coolers are available now starting at $299.99

PURE –  The PURETM utilizes a pre-plumbed, factory sealed, closed loop radiator and pump module designed to effectively and efficiently dissipate heat from the CPU.  Up until now CoolIT’s CPU coolers have harnessed the power of both liquid cooling and thermoelectrics.  While PURE doesn’t utilize peltiers, this close looped system has been engineered  for increased flow velocity and extreme cooling efficiency which still yields phenomenal performance while simultaneously reducing system noise.  The end result is a highly effective CPU water cooler available to consumers at a lower price point.  The PURE is universally compatible with any processor and chassis and is available now for $134.99

Boreas MTEC Chassis –  The Boreas MTECTM Chassis combines CoolIT’s most powerful liquid cooling device, the Boreas, with the award-winning Silverstone TJ-07 full-size aluminum tower case.   The Boreas utilizes 12 Thermoelectic Coolers(TECs) to dissipate a tremendous amount of heat, enough to chill multiple CPU/GPU configurations.  The Boreas MTEC  Chassis  comes pre-plumbed and factory sealed, provides extreme CPU/GPU performance, reduces system noise, enhances PC reliability, and is universally compatible.  The Boreas MTEC Chassis is available now, by special order, starting from $949.

“PC Enthusiasts and gamers everywhere have a lot to be excited about with CoolIT’s aggressive, new lineup” said Geoff Lyon, CEO of CoolIT Systems.  ” CoolIT has built off its previous success with the Eliminator and Freezone, listened to what the market is demanding, and developed a new roster of innovative cooling solutions to effectively and efficiently eliminate heat from any computing configuration.”

CoolIT’s new lineup of CPU/GPU solutions will be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show from January 7th-10th in the Sands at booth #7381