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HEXUS.TalkingShop: Satnav and smartphones

by Scott Bicheno on 3 September 2009, 14:01

Tags: ALK Technologies

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Personal navigation devices (PNDs) have been one of the most successful consumer electronics categories of recent years, with brands like Tom Tom, Gamin and Navman becoming household names.

But the technology and software behind them has been around for a lot longer. ALK Technologies has been making navigation software for 30 years and has decided its future lies in smartphones.

In our latest HEXUS.TalkingShop interview, marketing director David Quin talls us about his expectation that smartphones will eventually render PNDs obsolete and his experiences in working with smartphone marketplaces, such as the iPhone app store.

We also discuss the other opportunities generated by people using their smartphones as satnav devices, such as location based services, and have a look the CoPilot Live software at work on Quin's iPhone.


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The marketing director of a manufacturer of sat nav software for smartphones talks about “his expectation that smartphones will eventually render PNDs obsolete”? Inconceivable! :mad:

I dare say that if you spoke to the marketing director of a PND manufacturer they might see things somewhat differently.
I dare say you might be right hungoverdrawn :)
the point is not everyone needs a smart phone. im happy with a mid range phone so i brought a standalone tomtom.