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QOTW: Which is the best HTPC controller?

by David Ross on 8 August 2014, 16:30

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Having a PC hooked-up to a big-screen TV can be hugely advantageous, but whether it's for general web browsing, multimedia playback or indeed gaming, it isn't a whole lot of use without the right input device. And as most HTPC (Home Theatre PC) users will attest, the keyboard and mouse you use on your desktop just aren't cutout for the couch.

So, for the latest instalment of our Question of the Week, we're picking the brains of all you HTPC aficionados out there by asking: which is the best HTPC controller? Let us know which devices you've tried, what worked and what didn't, and which particular solution stands out as HTPC controller perfection.

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Logitech K830 Illuminated Living Room is awesome :)
I just use XBMC on my HTPC so a simple RC6 media center remote is more than enough for me.
I use this one:
I need to find something for a future HTPC build of mine. I am hoping the Steam Controller will have good enough mouse control to operate as an HTPC controller with a simple wireless keyboard for any text that needs to be input. Unfortunately the Steam controller is delayed so something that does both would be awesome.

Will read the recommendations over the weekend, hopefully I find something to add to my wishlist.
The best remote is the official Microsoft Media Centre remote, although they're no longer in production and are hard to find these days. I use one each for both of my HTPCs - nothing has come close. Sturdy, illuminated and has all the needed buttons to navigate and watch TV

Keysonic mini keyboard/trackpad (ACK-540RF) was decent if you need more than a remote too.
I just use XBMC on my HTPC so a simple RC6 media center remote is more than enough for me.
I use this one:

I've got that one too from Maplins - but I mainly use the new Microsoft media keyboard with built in touchpad and gestures for Windows 8.1…