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QOTW: How hot does your CPU run?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 17 June 2016, 16:31


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It seems like the nicer, warmer weather has come and gone in the UK, replaced by downpours aplenty.

However, increased ambient temperatures during the summer time bring PC cooling into sharper relief. And with a reasonable number of you running systems that kick out considerable wattage, making sure that the CPU or GPU isn't throttling is key to good sustained performance.

If you're anything like me then you keep a close eye on how your system is performing, so this edition of the Question of the Week is: how hot does your CPU run?

To find out, let's make it a level playing field. I suggest downloading the correct version of Prime95, using your favourite temperature-monitoring utility - I've used RealTemp though HWMonitor is equally as good - and then running the Small FFT test within the Prime 95 Torture Test for more than five minutes. If nothing else, you will know that the PC is basically stable from a CPU point of view.

I'll get the ball rolling with my writing system. Vital specs are Core i5-4690 at stock speeds and voltages, cooling providing by a be quiet! Shadow Rock Slim heatsink inside an NZXT H440 chassis. Quietness is prioritised over performance.

Average maximum temperature was reported as 72°C.

Let's find out who has the coolest and hottest CPU... and we may award a prize on both counts! So get on stress testing and let us know your average maximum temperature in the comments facility below.

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My FX 8320 stays cool while having the 100% used.
Intel Core i5 2500K on 4,5 ghz (x45 multiplicator) with a Bequiet Dark Rock Pro 3
Min Avg: 36°C Idle
Max Avg: 71°C 100% load

phenom II x4 920, on a xigmatek s1283 red scorpion
min 27C max 49C after 5 minutes.

ambient room temp is 21.2C (have a fancy alarm clock)

not bad for a cooler that's cable tied on and not making proper contact :p
i5 6600k stayed on 49C with the occasional flash of 50C. NZXT Kraken cooling it in NZXT H440 case, everything stock
Cooler: Hyper 212 Evo
CPU: i7-6700k (at stock 4GHz)
Ambient Temp: 22c
Idle Temp: 29c
Load Temp: 71c