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Complete Wipeout HD coverage from HEXUS

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  • Review: WipEout HD Fury - PS3

    WipEout HD Fury - PS3

    4 August 2009, 17:51

    PlayStation's stylish racer gets its first expansion. Does it warrant it's hefty price tag?

  • Q&A - WipEout HD - PS3

    Q&A - WipEout HD - PS3

    13 March 2008, 08:58

    Featuring a selection of the best tracks taken from previous versions of the Wipeout franchise, Wipeout HD will feature fully reworked tracks that aim to harness the processing power of ...

  • PS3 racer Wipeout HD looks out-of-this-world

    PS3 racer Wipeout HD looks out-of-this-world

    26 February 2008, 09:28

    The downloadable next entry in the WipEout racing franchise is looking truly stunning if these screenshots are anything to go by. We've got screenshots and an updated list of all ...