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  • Review: Belkin Play Max wireless router review

    Belkin Play Max wireless router review

    22 July 2010, 09:20

    Dual-Band N and Gigabit Ethernet in a box. We take a look at Belkin's latest high-end router.

  • Review: Belkin BusStation 7-port USB hub

    17 September 2002, 00:00

    The Belkin BusStation™ works just as you would expect it to. Plug in a USB-compliant device and Windows XP picks it up as if it was connected to the motherboard\'s ...

  • Review: Belkin USB Dual Media Reader/Writer

    1 June 2002, 00:00

    With potentially 1GB of storage on offer, the end-user needs an effective method of transfer between device and a PC (where data is usually kept and manipulated). Most card-ready devices ...

  • Review: Belkin USB Infrared Smartbeam

    28 May 2002, 00:00

    There used to be a time not so long ago when a PC was considered very much a standalone affair. Times have moved on and we've seen an increasing number ...

  • Review: Cat5 Crossover Mod

    28 December 2000, 00:00

    ight then all you frag artists out there… A lot of you peeps buy 2 network cards and a cable to connect 2 PC’s together. In the good ol days ...