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Complete AMD Processors coverage from HEXUS

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  • Interview with Ferrari's Luca Badoer

    Interview with Ferrari's Luca Badoer

    18 August 2009, 09:39

    Veteran Ferrari test driver Luca Badoer will stand in for Felipe Massa at this weekend's Grand Prix. Here's a flashback to our exclusive 2004 interview.

  • AMD 64 Processors

    20 October 2008, 00:00

    This guide explains what AMD’s AMD64 CPU instruction set architecture (ISA) is, shows what CPUs implement it from both AMD and Intel, and explains what software is available to ...

  • AMD's dual-core 'Kuma' specs listed?

    AMD's dual-core 'Kuma' specs listed?

    28 August 2008, 14:08

    Contrary to earlier cancellation reports, AMD may have already begun selling its dual-core K10 parts to its partners on the sly.

  • AMD launches trio of new Phenom CPUs

    AMD launches trio of new Phenom CPUs

    1 July 2008, 15:39

    AMD has today added to its modest line-up of Phenom processors with a new range-topper and two energy-efficient parts.

  • AMD Phenom X3 and X4

    24 June 2008, 00:00

    This guide discusses AMD’s triple-core and quad-core processors, what they are, what the technology offers and the targeted market.

  • The meeting of two Phenoms…

    7 June 2007, 21:53

    The meeting of two Phenoms…