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Samsung tipped to launch ‘Galaxy’ tablet in Berlin

by Sarah Griffiths on 11 August 2010, 15:26

Tags: Samsung (005935.KS), Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN)

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Hardware heaven?

Samsung Electronics is rumoured to be launching its tablet rival to Apple's iPad next month at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin.

Korean paper JoonAng Daily said it was tipped off by a ‘high-ranking official' at Samsung that Korea's largest mobile manufacturer will unveil its tablet at the show, which runs from 3 to 8 of September.

Speculation has been mounting that Samsung will launch a tablet ever since Apple showcased its iPad in January, which is predicted to shift 13m units this year.

Experts had dubbed the rumoured tablet, the 'S-Pad' but have now named it the ‘Galaxy Tab' to reflect Samsung's Galaxy S Android smartphone range.

The source reportedly said: "We will showcase our latest Smart TV and interchangeable lens camera models at the show. We will also showcase our tablet PC for the first time officially."

While the details of the ‘Galaxy Tab' have not been confirmed, it is believed to be Android-based with a video call function and boast a 7 inch touch screen, the same size as Apple's rumoured smaller iPad.

Kim Hwan, vice president of Samsung's mobile communications division reportedly told analysts that the firm will launch its tablet to the local market in Q3 of this year. 

It is thought the competition to roll out tablets to the Korean market is heating up, with LG and TG Sambo Computer joining Samsung in the race to establish a market share before Apple's iPad arrives in the country.

While Apple has reportedly not set a release date, LG plans to unveil its latest tablet within the year, with TG Sambo set to launch its contender in Q3. It is rumoured multimedia player manufacturers iStation and Cowon could also be planning a tablet launch.

Of course, as tablet competition intensifies, the price of the portable PCs should fall. However, such a move could put pressure on devices like e-readers which are already under threat from the multi-tasking tablets.