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EE set to double 4G data speeds in ten cities

by Mark Tyson on 9 April 2013, 15:38

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EE has announced that it intends to double its 4G speeds up to and over an impressive 80Mbps in certain areas. The inhabitants of ten UK cities will be the first beneficiaries of the speed boost. However there are no immediate plans to introduce more generous data allowances for users, according to a report on c-net today.

A tale of 10 cities

The ten cities which will benefit from the 4G speed doubling are; Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, and Sheffield. The extra network capacity should be in place and usable by EE’s 4G customers as soon as June. EE claims that while maximum speeds will be somewhere over 80Mbps average speeds should rise to above 20Mbps.

Gone in 420 seconds

Prices will remain the same, as will data caps. With the new headline speeds c-net reports that a contract customer on the EE “best value” tariff will now be able to burn through all their data in less than 7 minutes!

Telephone extension

In addition to the extra shot of speed, EE intends to extend its network to 80 new locations by June. The company is expecting mobile data traffic to grow by 750 per cent in the next three years. Analysts think that EE’s shoring up and development of its network may help it fend off competitors for quite a while when they get round to launching rival 4G offerings later in the year.

Concerning the new speeds and network expansion The Independent quotes a telecoms expert from uSwitch as saying “Super-fast just got even faster… speeds now more than seven times faster than 3G could convince more mobile users to make the leap to EE - particularly if 4G can price itself to look like a viable alternative to those unable to receive fibre-optic broadband in their areas.”

Just like the expert quoted directly above, most of the sources I read covering this news ended by asking readers if EE’s current pricing is justified and if it needs to shift to be more competitive. Right now the company is premium pricing for a premium service, probably every/any company with an exclusive advantage would operate in this way, more or less. Thus 4G competition will be very welcome when it arrives.

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you will be able to hit the cap in 8 minutes instead of 16 :)
In all honesty i thought the same GoNzO but I use 4G on my phone to stream music from the DI.FM at 256k app while out and about while doing some occasional downloading (when i cant wait to get home) and normal browsing and haven't come near my monthly 4gb cap yet.

I just dont see its practical to download huge quantities of data on a mobile phone (although i do have a iPhone 5 so theres no real practical way of getting the data off) unless i tether my phone to a laptop or something.

I welcome the increases of the speeds though could help when i desperately need a large file from our amazon s3 backups but cant wait the time it takes for it to download using the really bad ADSL connection BT provide us in Birmingham City centre (Still no fiber available here!!).
I can't believe the idiocy of their plans. They're blowing their chance to cash in on a 4G monopoly.
2 Scottish cities, that isn't justified. Population isn't worth the investment. Brighton and Ipswich should have been chosen.
Great news for me - given that I live in Manchester, regularly already get 20Mbps or higher on LTE, so I will hopefully benefit from this :)

As Stewis has I have a 4GB cap on my (work) contract, and I've not come close to hitting it yet..and I primarily use LTE on my phone for streaming (well, downloading) from iTunes match or for online navigation..both things that will benefit from this. I've no desire to start streaming HD movies or downloading large files on my phone - I just don't see the point! In the real world you are very unlikely to hit a 4gb cap, even with the extra speed.

The increased capacity is the big news rather then the speed though, as congestion is the biggest issue with LTE.

Combined with Visual Voicemail activation this is the second really good bit of news to come from EE this year..fingers crossed it keeps on going!