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RIM launches free backup service, teases BlackBerry 6

by Scott Bicheno on 12 July 2010, 17:59


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Striving to stay addictive

RIM, the Canadian company behind the BlackBerry smartphones so synonymous with push email, is doing pretty well in consumer markets these days too. But that won't be the case for long if it doesn't continue to provide reasons to go for a crackberry over iOS, Android, Symbian, etc alternatives.

So as well as issuing another teaser video (embedded below) for its upcoming BlackBerry 6 operating system, RIM also launched a new security service - BlackBerry Protect - today, which wirelessly backs-up and restores your data as well as helping you find it when it's lost.

In a blog post, product manager Michael Accettura listed the following features of a service that is about to enter limited beta: "remote device wipe, remote device lock, ‘Lost and Found' screen, locate device on a map, remote activation of the BlackBerry smartphone loud ringer, and wireless device backup and restore."

There are some handy things like being able to activate a prolonged loud ring via the web portal, remotely lock and locate your BlackBerry via the same portal and even remotely wipe it with the option of backing-up the data first.

RIM seems to be dragging its feet in issuing the press release, but BlackBerry protect will move into public beta later this year and we gather it will be free.


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Like the universal search and some of the media changes, but most of the rest of it seems to be more social face/twit rubbish though (which i have no interest in)