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Xperia X10 Android 2.1 update delayed yet again

by Sarah Griffiths on 24 September 2010, 09:51

Tags: Sony Ericsson

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Delay difficulties

Owners of Xperia X10 phones will have to wait even longer for their already overdue Android 2.1 update as Sony Ericsson has decided to hold onto it for a few more weeks of testing, much to the annoyance of its customers.

The update to the popular Xperia X10, X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro phones was reportedly originally promised to customers back in April, then pushed back to some time in Q3 and is now finally expected to be made available from the end of October- late again.

Incurring wrath from hundreds of angry customers, Rikard Skogberg wrote on Sony Ericson's blog: "The plan for the added features and Android 2.1 step-up still holds but unfortunately we need a couple of more weeks before we are ready to start the roll-out. The revised plan is to start the roll-out from end of October and onwards."

He added: "We are of course not happy about the change of launch timing but we have had to spend some additional time on the software to really makes sure we roll-out with the right quality and user experience."

The phones currently run Android 1.6, while other similarly-priced smartphones are enjoying version 2.1 or even Froyo.

The Android 2.1 update promises to bring HD video recording, 5 home screens, a social phonebook that syncs with Facebook plus a new back-up and restore application to the Xperia 10.

Meanwhile the X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro handsets will gain better Bluetooth functionality, auto sync for contact pictures between Facebook and the handset's phonebook, improved ways of handling pictures, audio and text in messages plus a back-up and store application.

Skogberg warned that the update will be made available in a phased roll-out, depending on different ‘kits'. "It will take some additional weeks from end of October before all different kits have the new software available," he said.

The ‘kit' refers to different phone colours, bundled accessories and software configurations. Xperia owners will be able to keep an eye on Sony Ericsson's blog throughout October to see when the update will arrive.