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Introducing the digital notebook that reinvents pen and paper – the Toshiba dynaPad

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  • The world’s thinnest and lightest 30 cm (12”) Windows 10 tablet, measuring just 6.9mm thin and weighing only 569g
  • Delivers a truly natural and fluid handwriting experience
  • Suite of Toshiba Tru applications inspire creativity, productivity and collaboration 

London, UK, 13th October 2015 – Toshiba Europe GmbH today announces the dynaPad, a unique Windows 10 tablet that reinvents pen and paper.  In tablet mode, it measures just 6.9mm thin, and weighs only 569g – making it the world’s thinnest and lightest[1] 30 cm (12”) Windows 10 tablet. The dynaPad converts into a mobile PC with the thin and light full size keyboard attached to make the most of Microsoft Office. Designed to encourage creativity and enhance productivity, the Toshiba dynaPad is the ultimate digital notebook.

“Microsoft is proud to work closely with Toshiba and excited about the new line up of Windows 10 devices,” said Terry Myerson, executive vice president of the Windows and Devices Group, Microsoft Corp. “Windows 10 is the best Windows ever, and Toshiba’s highly-anticipated dynaPad, with its support for Continuum, ultra-thin and light-weight design, and advanced note-taking technology, will empower people to do great things.”  

Natural handwriting experience

Toshiba dynaPad has been designed to replicate the naturally comfortable feeling of handwriting with a pen and paper – even mirroring the common B5 notebook size. To achieve this, a WACOM Active Electro-Static (AES) stylus is included which excels at position accuracy and is able to recognise the pen pressure – no matter how sharp or shallow. As a result, users can maintain their natural writing style while they make notes, annotate documents, doodle or draw while delivering detail and accuracy throughout. Even inadvertent mistakes are avoided thanks to the inclusion of a palm-rest rejection feature on the tablet display. 

A suite of pre-installed Toshiba original applications enable users to easily collect, organise and share their notes, images and files including TruNote®, TruCapture®, TruRecorder, TruNote Clip and TruNote Share. All the Toshiba original applications provide support for catching and communicating the content required as a user goes throughout their day.   Whether it be making a voice recording of a meeting, capturing an image of text or scribbling a simple handwritten note, the collection of applications will enable users to communicate their content via the likes of email and PowerPoint seamlessly - across multiple devices.  The Toshiba dynaPad is perfectly suited for both right and left handed users with apps such as TruNote adapting to either to maintain a normal writing style.

Digital notebook, mobility enhanced

As the world’s thinnest and lightest 30 cm (12”) Windows 10 tablet, the dynaPad is perfect for use in almost any environment and even more flexible with the included lightweight keyboard attached. Housed in a smart Satin Gold carbon body, the dynaPad offers a strong chassis for mobile use that is four times the stiffness of a conventional structure. When used in a clamshell mobile PC mode, connected by magnets, users can experience a comfortable keyboard with a 19 mm pitch and 1.5 mm stroke for easier typing. When not in use, the tablet and keyboard are also seamlessly held together by magnets for easy storage and protection of the display while the WACOM AES pen neatly clips on to the side of the tablet.

The dynaPad features a WUXGA+ (1920 x 1280) display for intense clarity when viewing photos, videos or work documents. The anti-reflection coating on the screen improves the clarity further creating clear, easy to read text. An advanced double layer coating is utilised to reduce fingerprints and reflections while still keeping high sensitivity to optimise the pen’s performance. 

The Toshiba dynaPad will be available in Europe during Q1 2016.

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[1] Dimensions without keyboard. As of 13th October, 2015. Source: Toshiba