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Maroo launches iPad 2 cases to match Apple’s design innovation

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Ultra-secure cases with high-fashion designs launch in the UK

London, UK, 15 November 2011 - Maroo, a mobile accessories provider, has today launched in the UK, bringing its highly fashionable and eye-catching iPad 2 cases to market. The range of eleven nylon graphics cases all boast Maroo's patent-pending Secure Guard (SG) BumperTM Technology which not only protects the Apple tablet when it is dropped, but also protects the corners of the device.

The striking cases give multiple viewing angles, providing the perfect position for typing and movie-watching. To complement the SG Bumper Technology, each case also has a scratch-free, suede interior to protect the iPad 2's screen.  Fashionistas will also benefit from smart magnet functionality which will ‘wake' or ‘sleep' the device when the case is opened and closed. Each case in the range has a cut-out for the camera on the back, while the secure chassis design of the corner bumpers means that full access is afforded to all controls and ports on the iPad 2.

Maroo's nylon graphics range:

Mana II

Driven by nostalgia, the Maroo Mana II iPad 2 case recalls times past, yet is still fashion-forward. Made from high-quality nylon with a leather binding and back, Mana II screams that it needs attention.

Rakou II

The Maroo Rakou II case is cozy and seasonal, evoking a scene as enticing as it is comforting. Made from quality nylon, the case is bound and backed with brown leather to complement the autumn scene it depicts.

Aranga II

Metro-style houndstooth coupled with bohemian chic, this case is ideal for anyone with an eye for style. The Maroo Aranga II is made from quality nylon, with a leather binding and back.

Awanui II

With an attention-grabbing graffiti pattern, the Maroo Awanui II case needs a partner in crime. Made from high quality nylon and with a leather binding and back, this case is ideal for those bored with conservative case designs.

Koe II

Classically plaid, fun yet serious, the Maroo Koe II case takes sophistications and turns it on its head. The popular case has a stylish nylon exterior and leather binding and back.

Mata II

Audacious and full of personality, the Maroo Mata II case is the life of the party. It is made from high-quality nylon with a leather binding and back and is the perfect statement-making way to carry an iPad.

Tatau II

Bursting at the seams with island-inspired pattern, the Maroo Tatau II case is reminiscent of distant travel and serenity. The case is made with high-quality nylon, front and back.

Toki II

With a sleek paisley design, the Maroo Toki case is elegant enough to take anywhere, yet colourful enough to stand out from a sea of black cases. Constructed from high-quality nylon with a leather binding and back, the Toki II keeps your iPad safe and protected.

Matau II

Featuring vibrant sophistication and a pattern that will keep you guessing, the Maroo Matau II case makes an impact. High-quality nylon covers the case - front and back.

Koru II

A muted, yet adventurous design is displayed by the Koru II case which features a high-quality nylon exterior.

Kaumata II

The Kaumata II case features a dynamic, futuristic design which helps it stand out from the crowd. The case is covered with high-quality nylon on the exterior.

Pricing and Availability

The nylon graphics range from Maroo retails at £49. It is available from

About Maroo

Maroo offers mobile accessories that provide a superior user experience. The unique and inspired styling comes from a variety of sources, including its creative design teams, relationships with fashion designers and patent-pending advantages. Maroo's products are made for delightfully intuitive usability with unobstructed access to your electronic device. The designs and fashion-forward styling make it easy to express individuality. Maroo is a design-focused extension of Cyber Acoustics, LLC.