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Romeo, Romeo, Where for Art Thou Romeo. Orange 3G


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Buy One Video Handset & Get Another One Free (same model)

· Orange Announce New 3G Tariffs & TRY 3G Promotion

· Test Drive 3G for Yourself

11th February, 2005: The countdown clock to Valentines Day has started frenetically ticking and still most of us are racking our brains on how to create enough excitement for the most romantic day of the year. A new offer from the mobile company Orange, including two-for-the-price-of-one 3G video handsets could save the day for hot blooded Brits who want to gear up for an explosive evening. Just imagine the swell of anticipation that a few well placed video calls made during the day could make …and with 3G even last minute wonders could find themselves pulling the rabbit out of the hat with flowers and dinner reservations booked over the Orange network.

‘Couples, best mates & work colleagues can all take advantage of video calling, everyone loves the personal touch,’ says Max Taylor, Head of 3G Marketing at Orange. ‘Orange 3G is simple and anyone can visit a 3G Phone Trainer in store for a demo. And right now, with our two for one handsets offer and our exciting new tariffs 3G is a mobile experience you can’t afford to miss. There is just so much you can discover and explore with Orange 3G.'

What is TRY 3G?

If accessing the latest gossip or football scores as well as lots more sounds attractive, customers should pop into any Orange stockist before the end of April and ask about the TRY 3G promotion. Phone trainers will be there to advise which handset is right for their needs; to provide a free demonstration of all services including video calling, downloading or streaming video clips and email set up; and to also set up a free trial.

When One Equals Two

Orange is offering two handsets for the price of one during the promotional period. The deal is offered on PAYM service-plans of 120 minutes (and above) and those taking up the offer will also be eligible for the TRY promotional bundle of video calling and data.

Three Months to Get Under Her Skin

Customers who sign up for a standard twelve month contract on a 3G tariff with receive three months worth of free data (up to 1000Mb) and 30 minutes of free video calls in the UK.

If Music is the Food for Love

Customers with Music Player selected handsets can take advantage of three free full-length music track downloads every month for three months. Download your first full length track before 31st May 2005 to qualify for this part of the TRY 3G promotion.

To 3G or Not to 3G

Orange has devised the best possible way for people to test drive 3G and its huge range of phones and services for a week. Customers simply need to pay a deposit equal to the handset value plus £4 to access 4mb of data, 15 minutes of video calls; additional voice calls and download charges will be payable at the end of the week. If they wish to continue using 3G they need to take trial handset back to the shop and exchange it for a new one, transfer their contacts to the new phone and set up a permanent pay monthly SIM. They will receive their deposit back.

Things you can do on Orange World

· The Orange 3G network covers 70% of the UK & is the largest integrated 2.5/3G network, meaning you won’t lose coverage when moving around – you’ll just be handed over to our existing data network

· Receive 24hr support by dialling 350 or visit one of 2000 phone trainers in stores for demonstrations, email set-up, or advice

Dependent on Individual Handsets

· Music: Remix some of the classics, personalise your ringtone, or simply download your favourite tunes to listen to with Musicplayer and Fireplayer

· Gaming: Receive fast and exclusive game downloads with 3D console-style graphics

· Film: Check out the top ten films, download clips (more than 2000 free clips available), make decision on what to see at cinema, book tickets

· Sports: Receive match/ goal highlights from Premiership & Football League; access official club content from Liverpool, Chelsea, Everton, Manchester City and Blackburn FC & Orange Goal of the Month competitions

· Entertainment: Watch clips from your favourite programs, download music clips, watch celebrity interviews and comedy clips from the likes of South Park, Monty Python and Jongleurs

· News & Weather: Sky News feeds are updated every five hours and the latest weather information is provided from the Met Office

· Travel: Avoid traffic hotspots in many of the UK’s major cities, roads and motorways using Traffic TV - CCTV footage sent to Orange from key roadside traffic cameras up and down the country