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Think youngsters are wasting time on their mobiles? Think again – they are boosting our economy

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Mobile brings new commerce opportunities to retail as new generation of shoppers become more open to engagement by brands on their mobile

London, UK-  22nd February 2012:  Research by mBlox, the mobile consumer interaction and payment specialist, today reveals that 21% of young people (18 to 24 year olds) prefer to purchase products or services on their mobile phones. Furthermore, one in ten (10%) would like brands to send them promotions through their mobile phones.

The research by mBlox, and conducted by Opinion Matters*, uncovered how, when and why consumers use their mobile phones, their mobile usage habits and the willingness to be contacted by brands through their personal devices. This research comes at a time when Forrester** predicts that mobile commerce will reach $10 billion by the end of 2012.  The research also found a huge rise in sustained mobile phone usage per day, with 90% of young people aged between 18 and 24 spending up to five hours a day on their mobile device and nearly one in 10 (8%) spending between five and 10 hours a day on their mobile phones.  

Michele Turner, CMO for mBlox says: "It comes as no surprise that the younger generation is more amenable to mobile marketing than any other, but it would be fair to say that this doesn't include spam texts or unsolicited phone calls. With 2012 largely being seen as the advent of mobile commerce, this research helps validate the huge revenue potentials for brands and an appetite by consumers for mobile marketing."

Whilst the next generation is open to being marketed through their phones, there are key considerations brands must adhere to in order to keep consumers on side when it comes to mobile marketing.  The study reveals how 61% of respondents believe it is extremely important to be able to opt in/out of receiving promotional material. 55% felt that promotions should come from a company or brand they have used before and 61% only want deals relevant to them. 55% say the offers must be timely and while 67% strongly agree that they don't want brands to know their whereabouts, half think it's important that promotional offers must be close to their current or planned location.

Turner continues: "Brands need to get it right first time. There are extraordinary opportunities open to them, especially with location-based marketing where customers are targeted when they are in the vicinity of a brand's store. This has huge potential to drive large sales volumes at key selling times. However, companies need to recognise that mobile phones are very personal devices and consumers will only invite brands to communicate to them via their phones under their own terms. As an industry, we have a responsibility to offer opt-in, consented mobile marketing to ensure that consumers aren't put off at the very beginning."

About mBlox

mBlox is a mobile interaction and payment specialist that provides enterprises and solution providers with the fastest and most reliable way to engage with their customers on mobile devices without compromising on security. mBlox delivers a combination of software and services that allow businesses and solution providers to create mobile solutions with the greatest possible reach.  Backed by leading venture capital firms, mBlox offers a network of more than 800 operators in over 180 countries, covering over 90% of the world's population.