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TrekStor launches affordable Pyrus eBook Reader with Digital Ink and unique eReader Suite

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Read thousands of books...inside, outside or upside down with affordable Pyrus

New to the UK, the Pyrus is a delightfully versatile eBook Reader (retailing at around £59.99) and was showcased at the London Book Fair in April (www.londonbookfair.co.uk).

The Pyrus sports Digital Ink technology and portrait/ landscape switching for superior readability. Supported by an incredibly long battery life of around 1 week, it allows readers to enjoy thousands of their favourite books with a realistic, comfortable reading style at home, work or when travelling.

What's more, integrating the innovative TrekStor eReader Suite software, the Pyrus presents a smooth and intuitive way for readers to browse, download and enjoy content from a range of online content providers. Booksellers and other content providers are able to use bespoke software for their own branding, delivering a personal yet familiar browsing environment for every user.

An established innovator in home entertainment and storage solutions, TrekStor is an award-winning brand with a consistent portfolio of highly rated products. The Pyrus eBook Reader looks set to continue this trend thanks to its dynamic feature set and truly affordable price.

Pyrus Key Features:

  • 6" display with Digital Ink technology for paper-like realism
  • Adjustable fonts in 6 sizes with crisp text display
  • 4GB internal capacity to hold approx 4,000 books
  • Slot for microSD/microSDHC memory cards
  • Week long battery life with intelligent power management
  • Wide range of compatibility for eBooks and images
  • High speed USB 2.0 connection with approx 3 hour charge time
  • Intuitive, bespoke interface with eReader Suite and bookmark manager

Strain-free display with Digital Ink offers a more comfortable read:

Getting drawn into a good book can be difficult without finding the right place and position. Many electronic devices use traditional backlit displays which not only strain the eyes, but can be impossible to read comfortably without the right angle and lighting, forcing readers to revert back to a traditional paper-based format.

The Pyrus eBook Reader presents a perfect solution to this problem. The 6" flicker-free display utilises Digital Ink technology, reflecting light (rather than emitting) to create a realistic, paper-like display which won't strain the eyes. Combined with an adjustable font in 6 sizes and working both horizontally and vertically, it can be read effortlessly and clearly in almost any environment.

What's more, with a 4GB capacity to hold around 4,000 books (plus built-in memory slot for even more), packing the Pyrus leaves more suitcase space for other essentials, and travellers can still pick from an inspiringly encompassing choice of books to suit every mood and taste.

So, whether bookworms are catching the latest bestseller on a sunny beach, following a magazine subscription upside down on the sofa, or bringing a story to life with all the kids gathered around, the Pyrus eBook Reader is a truly all-round device for anyone who loves to read.

Long battery life and lightweight design for uninterrupted reading:

Measuring only 167 x 123.5 x 9 mm and just 216g (without accessories), the slim and stylish Pyrus eBook Reader is highly portable and slips neatly into any suitcase or handbag.

Intelligent power management results in a superb week-long battery life between charges and makes the Pyrus an ideal travel companion for uninterrupted reading - whether on a long journey or for those who simply can't put their book down.

Once drained, the battery will only take 3 hours (approx) to charge using the high speed USB 2.0 connector - leaving more time to find out that all-important twist, and begin the next.

Manage files easily through the intuitive user interface:

The Pyrus eBook Reader isn't limited to the tech-savvy - the thoughtful user interface design makes enjoying digital books accessible for everyone, thanks to the bundled TrekStor eReader Suite.

This stylish software suite provides an intuitive way for users to browse through different bookseller selections and preview, download or read content. Each store can offer its own bespoke theme and branding of the software, offering a unique blend of familiarity, style and consistent, user-friendly navigation to every reader.

The simple file management system displays the file name clearly, with an option to display menus in a range of different languages. Actions such as adding, moving or deleting books can be completed with ease, whilst a bookmark manager and search feature makes it a breeze to return to the exact same page as where it was left. 

Compatible with a wide range of formats for hassle-free choice:

The Pyrus eBook Reader is compatible with a range of eBook formats and image formats, so users won't need to worry about converting file types or downloading obscure book formats:

  • eBook: EPUB, PDF, Adobe DRM, TXT, FB2, PBD, RTF, HTML
  • Image: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG
  • Computer OS: Windows (7/Vista/XP), Mac OS X, Linux

Pricing & Availability:

The Pyrus eBook Reader is priced at £59.99 SRP - stockists to be confirmed.

Specifications: Available at: www.trekstor-reader.com/ebookreader-pyrus.html.

About TrekStor:  

Founded in 2001, TrekStor GmbH and Co. KG merged to form a part of Hongkong Telefield International (Holdings) Limited in 2009. With a keen sense of trends and innovations, TrekStor offers a broad spectrum of products for the consumer electronics and information technology market.

In recent months many products, particularly the eBook Reader with LCD display, have become a model for success. The eBook Player 5(M) and 7(M) offer eBook enjoyment in 5 or 7 inches with a variety of features. A partnership with Weltbild and Hugendubel made the eBook Reader 3.0 a bestseller through its superior price-performance ratio and the Liro Color found its way into the stationary book stores, through cooperation with the "Marketingverband des deutschen Buchhandels".

Besides eBook Readers, the product portfolio of TrekStor also contains MP3 and movie players, USB sticks, external hard drives, accessories for Apple products and satellite receivers. The media players of the i.Beat series offer music and video enjoyment for every need, whilst the external storage solutions of the DataStation series have been reliable classics and scored highly in many product comparisons thanks to their excellent price-performance ratio.

TrekStor products are sold in over 30 countries globally, with the majority of manufacturing taking place in Asia. The remaining production along with sales, development, and quality management, is handled in the Lorsch headquarters in Germany. Throughout all stages of the production process, quality is steadily reviewed through an inspector network according to international standards, ensuring TrekStor can guarantee consistently high quality to end users.

Further information about TrekStor products can be seen at: www.trekstor.de/en/index.php.