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QOTW: Which tablet for a technophobic friend?

by Parm Mann on 21 March 2014, 16:30

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Remember when tablets were just a fad? Boy, how times have changed. Today, these portable slabs of computing wizardry are leading the sales charge for the biggest names in the industry, all of whom are looking to attract customers with new designs that are slimmer, sexier and more capable than ever before.

There's probably a tablet for everyone, but choosing the right model for the right individual can be tricky. Is an iPad still the benchmark? Is an Android tablet now on par in terms of app availability? Is the price tag of the Kindle too tempting to ignore? And is Windows still the best choice for productivity?

All valid questions, but the one we get asked more often goes something along the lines of "which tablet would you recommend for my technophobic mum and dad?"

So for this week's QOTW, we're turning to you, the knowledgeable HEXUS readers, to let us know which tablet computer you would recommend to an inexperienced friend looking to get connected to the World Wide Web. As always, let us know using the comments facility below.

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We bought my mother in law the Amazon Kindle Fire HD. I wanted to go for a refurbed Nexus 7 for the same price, but my wife and her brother preferred to get something ‘new’ rather than in any way second hand.
It was probably a good decision: she seems to love the tablet. And she's definitely a technophobe!
Had an iPad, switched a Galaxy Note 10.1 2014….love it!!
Would have to be an android tablet based on performance/price ratio, probably a nexus 7. Can't justify the extra cost for most other tablets for what is mostly a media player/ browser. Would only consider a Windows tablet should it be a laptop replacement, although would avoid Windows RT.
I would probably say a nexus 7. I think android and iOS are equally easy to get to grips with, but for people who need it for only basic stuff iPads are just so expensive. People seem to buy iPads because that is what is recommended to them, but they could have the same for much less.
As much as I don't like Apple , for a technophobic entering the world of tablets and smartphones Apple or Windows completely out class Android for ease of use on phones or tablets. You only have to pull down the options on KitKat to be overwhelmed by so many techie options.

Windows and Apple are very clean and simple - Windows even more so than Apple.