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QOTW: Will you be ditching O2?

by Parm Mann on 13 July 2012, 16:25

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It's been a week to forget for O2 after a massive outage left millions of users with no signal for 24 hours.

The UK's second-largest network is now in the process of apologising profusely, with company CEO Ronan Dunne putting on a brave face while stating, quite simply, "I'm very sorry."

This period of shame, however, is likely to be followed by a lengthy spell of scrutiny and sorrow as customers demand both an explanation and compensation. Communications regulator Ofcom is understood to be investigating the matter, and high-profile websites such as moneysavingexpert are already advising customers on how to claim compensation or use the outage as a means to cancel a contract.

We suspect we haven't heard the last of this particular saga, but what has the outage really meant for O2 customers? Has the downtime affected you or your business? Is this reason enough to move to another network? Or has O2's handling of the situation assuaged your fears of any future repeats? Let us know in the comments below.

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Well I only joined them last month so no :p

The thing is it could have happened to any network its fixed now and will hopefully be ok.

Plus I have a great package with unlimited calls and texts for 36 quid so much better than the orange deal i was on
They're good on a whole so no. Eeach network has problems of some sort. Just that this seemed to be a big one. Hopefully an isolated incident, thought it didnt affect me really.
Ditched O2 for Vodafone years back and wouldn't fancy to come back. Mind you, Vodafone network isn't a pretty picture either. I have had number of issues with them and being PAYG customer I sometimes feel ignored. But hey, what else is there besides (Ireland) Meteor, 3G and Tesco that just don't have good enough coverage and most people I know are O2 or Vodafone.
So no, if I was O2 for incident like this I would not ditch them. If you look around and more importantly try around most networks are some half ass money machines.
Tesco is a virtual provider who use O2's network.

Anyway, I'm not with them, but no I don't see why a 24h downtime would turn me away by itself; without knowing exactly what the problem was, it could potentially happen to any network. People taking the Mickey, claiming compensation for anything and everything are part of the reason we have pages of T+Cs, complicated get-out clauses, etc affecting everyone else. Fair enough waiving the charge for the time of the outage though.

Again, not much is known about the problem, but from what I do know, they handled it well giving me more confidence in them if anything…
Recently went over to Giff Gaff so no, won't be ditching O2 network. Seems to be the 2nd outage in as many months but these things happen and could've been any of them. I try to look at it as they've now fixed a serious problem that could be waiting to happen to the others….. lol, I know… gets me through the day anyhoo :)