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QOTW: How much storage do you have inside your smartphone?

by Parm Mann on 29 April 2016, 16:31

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This time last week we asked how much storage you have inside your main PC, and it was fascinating to hear your responses.

Continuing the same theme we're adding a slight twist this week by asking: how much storage do you have inside your smartphone?

In my own personal experience, I've found that my desktop and laptop storage needs have lessened in recent years, and it's on the smartphone that I've felt the need to expand storage. Spotify's offline playlists are the single largest occupier of space on my device, but apps, photos and other files also contribute and the 32GB SD card I purchased last year is already starting to feel a tad constrained. And if I'm honest, I don't tend to keep my phone as tidy as my PC - I could certainly do with clearing out some old photos or unused playlists.

I'm obviously not the only one storing increasing amounts of data on a mobile device, and it's no surprise to find that the global market for SD memory cards was forecast to reach $21 billion by the year 2018.

So for this week's QOTW, let us ask: how much storage do you have inside your smartphone? Is there enough space on the device itself, have you felt the need to add more, and outside of system files what's taking up the bulk of the available capacity? Let us know in the comments section below.

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32GB+64GB at the moment.
32gb on my HTC One M7.

I've never felt I don't have enough space, which is why I always go for minimum storage, regardless of microSD support. Though I think I will never have a 16gb device.
32GB on a Samsung S6 Edge+.
Phone storage density is rather stagnant but i don't find myself running out of space even though my phone carries a portion of my music collection. With streaming of all media becoming easier, with wifi most everywhere and faster mobile data speeds using Netflix,Sky GO etc or pulling media from my NAS is more efficient than storing that data locally.
Unless your a content creator or just have an obsession for taking hours videos of your cat in 4K on your phone most storage solutions of 32GB/64GB seem just fine. Seems as though SD card expansion is more niche now.
64GB and it's full of music from Spotify and Tidal. I use Tidal for soundtrack music and classical, as I find most of the top 40 stuff I listen to doesn't offer such a difference in FLAC due to the amount of compression applied anyway.
32GB Samsung Galaxy Note 3 plus 32GB microSD
8GB Nokia Lumia 820 plus 16GB microSD

Haven't really needed the extra storage on the Note 3 but slotted it in because it was there and its good to have the card dedicated to camera snaps/videos with the messy Android files/folders system.