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QOTW: How often do you upgrade your smartphone?

by Parm Mann on 3 May 2013, 16:30

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We had a good response to last week's question, where we asked how often do you upgrade your PC? Though so many of us around these parts live and breathe technology, it seems the majority of us no longer have the inclination to upgrade our rigs on a regular basis. As forum reader bledd points out: "I used to do it every six months ... now it's more like every three years."

But what about smartphones? With so many new devices arriving on the market, are you now upgrading your phone more frequently than your PC? And given the potential costs of associated contracts, are smartphones now your most costly piece of technology? We're intrigued, so let's hear your thoughts in the comments below: how often do you upgrade your smartphone?

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Every two years for me. Due to contracts but it also seems thats a good time dofference between hardware. You notice the difference then. Currently using a iphone4s. Hopefully next handset will be the galaxy note 3 ( hopefully UK gets octocore, and the handset accepts ubuntu aswell)
I've had an iPhone 4, for nearly 3 years now. Since the retina display, there has been nothing that has justified upgrading, who notices a quad core processor on a phone when your checking your emails, or playing angry birds? I don't suspect I'll upgrade until apple stop supporting it, or drop it (again) and it breaks
Same as Lee, I've had my iPhone 4 for 3 years now and feel no inclination whatsoever to upgrade at the moment. It does everything I need it to do, as quickly as I need it to.
I used to get 12 or 18 month contracts and whatever best handset for free or small cost to spread payments, and I was quite a heavy user of allowance before the Mrs and I lived together so a £35 pcm contract was OK value. Last time I did that was 2011 for an HTC Sensation but the deals are much worse recently so last as autumn I went SIM only. I like Android but also like my updates, I'm no longer too poor to afford £279 in one go so a Nexus 4 is a perfect fit for me. Does everything I need. Next upgrade will be a Nexus as soon as one comes out which offers something my 4 doesn't. Maybe LTE once that is decent value and good coverage rather than a piss take.
due to the expense of contracts / phones it's every 2 years for me, which is down from the 2 contracts I used to run for Sony Ericsson handsets 6 months apart. my next is my iPhone 5 upgrade to the ‘6’ next summer , missing this years ‘s’ model.