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QOTW: Which smartphone will you buy next?

by Parm Mann on 7 December 2018, 16:31

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We've heard your thoughts on the smartphone notch, and we know which handset you're currently using, but where will you go next? There's no shortage of options out there, with a flurry of new devices launched in recent months, and of course there's always something else on the horizon.

Chances are we're all going to get another one at some point, so let us ask: which smartphone will you buy next? Let us know your thoughts using the comments facility below.

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Well I was very tempted by the One+6 but decided to hold out for the 6T then when the 6T came along I thought I'll give it another year & wait for the One+7 however in view of recent news re the 5G One+ for next year coming in at +$300 maybe the 6T will be back on my list. But gonna wait to see what Santa brings before I buy.
No particular phone at the moment, my current phone if needs fail or stop doing something I need.
Whichever is the most recent design with a physical keyboard. I'm not expecting to have much choice… :(
Hopefully won't be getting a new one any time soon as I picked up a Pocophone F1 last week, pretty happy with it for the price!
got a Nokia 1 a few weeks ago.
battery lasts 12 days on standby.
old phone lasted 28 days. need get used to charging it twice as much.

bought it, so could go get all the free stuff from priority at smiths. but as the weathers been cold windy wetness ive not been willilng to go. so missed out on some free stuff.
that 4 pack of AA's arrived this morning though.
fyi anyone else whos seen that offer. its just 1 x 4 pack, 4 chances to get it. not 1 free pack a week.

there is a bug/fault with the android-go camera app though. press the photo button while its still autofocussing at the camera app locks up. then proceeds to drain the battery as if the phone was at 100% use. so a freshly charged battery at 100% drains to 10% in a few hours. just reboot the phone to stop the bug/drain.

and android 9 go thing should be due shortly.