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Review: Split/Second Velocity - Xbox 360, PS3

by Steven Williamson on 20 May 2010, 11:42 4.3

Tags: Disney Interactive Studios, Xbox 360, PS3, Racing

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Drift, draft and...dodge that aeroplane!

Because you don't know when your opponent will trigger a set piece there's a real unpredictablilty about the races that keeps you on your guard and generates the excitement and adrenaline that you'd expect from an arcade racer.

The main campaign mode consists of a 12 episode Season, with 72 events in total. As you move through the episodes you unlock further tracks and game modes and you get to pick and choose which modes you'd like to play. There's a lot of variety from the six modes on offer: "Race,” “Eliminator,” “Air Attack,” “Revenge Air Attack,” “Survival” and “Detonator.” You'll still essentially be blowing stuff up and dodging explosions, while trying to stay focused on winning the race, but there's also fun to be had out of dodging helicopter missiles to build up your power guage and then triggering it to send them flying back (Revenge Air Attack) or frantically avoiding debris to be crowned last man standing (Survival.)

The races are fast-paced and aggressive and you'll ultimately find yourself drifting, drafting and dodging your way to the finishing line, barging other racers out the way and jostling hard for pole position. The A.I. of your opponent is ridiculously efficient. No matter how well you race they'll always be right behind you, so the emphasis here is really on building up your metre and triggering these set-pieces to hamper their progress.