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Review: Heatseeker – Wii

by Nick Haywood on 4 May 2007, 14:17

Tags: Codemasters, Shoot 'em up

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Good tone, I’ve got good tone!

Mis-reading the title, Nick Haywood got all excited about a man-hunting game, possibly in the Blue Oyster Bar and regretfully hangs up his cheekless chaps to do some dogfighting instead.

Now you could argue that Nintendo’s Wii had a great gimmick with that motion sensitive controller that, once the novelty wore off, you were left with a comparatively technically poor console with few, if any, games worth playing. Certainly, on paper, the Wiimote looked like the perfect way to control a first-person shooter... but as we’ve seen with Call Of Duty 3, it can be wildly inaccurate... even the more sedate and coded-for-the-platform Red Steel has plenty of ‘what the hell is the controller doing?’ moments.

So it was with a mix of trepidation and resignation that I loaded up the Codesmasters' Heatseeker, an arcade flight sim based on current and near future jets and focusing heavily on airborne combat. Trepidation because I dared to hope that they’d gotten the balance between sensitivity and responsiveness right and resignation because, deep down, I was expecting not much more than what could be a good game if it used a joypad to be fairly well mullered by the Wiimote...

As it turns out, I was wrong... on both counts.