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Review: World in Conflict - PC

by Nick Haywood on 20 September 2007, 10:13

Tags: World in Conflict, Vivendi Universal Interactive (NYSE:VIV), PC, Strategy

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It's the world, erm, in a conflict

Right, we're all used to fighting evil orcs, cruel wizards and seven headed sea monster that read passages from Jeffrey Archer books,(or something equally as horrid), but what I need you to do now is cast your minds back to the mid to late Eighties. Frankie was telling us to Relax, Wham were waking us before we went went and the Cold War was about to hit a crescendo with the nuclear arms race pretty much dominating everyone’s thoughts.

Sure, now all we have to worry about is North Korea kicking off or Pakistan and India lobbing a few bombs at each other but in the late Eighties, even conservative estimates reckoned that between them the US and USSR had enough nuclear weapons to kill everyone on the Earth four times over.

So when Reagan announced his SDI program, known as Star Wars by the general public, which was a space borne system to shoot down incoming Russian missiles, you can imagine how pissed the Russians were that the deterrent of ‘mutually assured destruction’ was under threat by the American space program. As it turned out, SDI was more in line with the Star Wars fiction than with reality and eventually both Russia and America signed disarmament treaties…

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But World in Conflict looks at what could’ve happened if SDI was taken more seriously, if Russia near bankrupted herself in an effort to remain a global nuclear power and how World War 3 would’ve been fought if a nuclear arsenal wasn’t brought into the equation… With the NATO and Warsaw pacts in place, if a war had kicked off it would’ve dragged in countries from across half the globe and this is where World in Conflict kicks off.