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Review: Infernal - PC

by Nick Haywood on 6 April 2007, 11:25

Tags: Infernal (PC), Eidos (TYO:9684), FPS

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A fight to the death betwixt good and evil

Damned to write reviews, Nick Haywood wishes he was as cool as Infernal’s main character

You know what? I’d like to pick up a first or first person shooter where the lead character isn’t muscled, tattooed and so street-cool. Sure, we can all aspire to bearing a six pack that doesn’t come with a ring pull and walk around the streets with a shoulder holster but let’s get a slight grip on reality. If I loaded myself up with a Desert Eagle, popped on a leather jacket and went walking the mean street of Dunstable I’d make it perhaps as far as Asda before the local constabulary will have peppered me with sniper fire.

Even if I was on some one-man mission, had the most amazing body armour and could heal myself with a med-kit that just happened to be nearby, I would still feel more than a bit stupid at not being able to climb over that most feared of obstacle, the Asda shopping trolley... on its side. And there, at least, is where I get on over on Ryan Lennox, the main character in Eidos’ third-person shooter, Infernal.

You see, the reason for my minor rant just then is that Infernal is probably the most aptly named game ever. At least until they come out with “Super Cliché Shooter”. But until then, we’ll let Playlogic’s undoubtedly good looking game take the title as it would appear that someone, somewhere, has written a book of things you have to have in a shooter... and Playlogic have just gone down the list ticking them all off.

So, seeing as they wrote the game like that, I’ll write the review the same way, read on.