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Review: Silverfall - PC

by Steven Williamson on 19 March 2007, 14:27

Tags: Silverfall , Koch Media, RPG

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Save the world from unfathomable evil...

Let's make no bones about it; RPGs can be a pain to review. I need to spend quality time immersed in them in order to discover how they differ from the many others out there and after 20 or so hours game play I inevitably discover that there’s only a small handful of differences to the likes of Diablo or Titan Quest. Sometimes, it may be that a new RPG offers a slightly different combat style, other times it may be a slight twist to the game mechanics or a few new spells to dabble with, but more often than not it’s simply a new storyline, with a regenerated fantasy setting. RPGs have been created in the same mould since the dawn of time and usually involve levelling up your avatar and equipping increasingly powerful weapons and magical spells in order to save the world from some unfathomable evil.

When Silverfall landed on my doormat I was expecting much of the same. But, aside from the inevitable hours spent wandering across barren landscapes slaying, looting monsters and searching for rare treasures, I was pleasantly surprised at some of the new ideas within in the game and how the developers had made a decent attempt to draw me into its fantasy world.

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The inhabitants of the world of Nelwë have become disillusioned by the introduction of new technology and certain sections of the population have turned instead to the power of nature. Taking advantage of the conflicts tearing apart the factions of nature and science, the forces of darkness lay siege to the magic domains in an attempt to seize power. This is where you come in…

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The vast fantasy adventure begins in the town of Silverfall, which is under attack from evil creatures. The remaining survivors of the battle take refuge in the swamps and in the guise of an apprentice’s mage you’re one of these survivors, intent on keeping everyone safe and eventually eradicating the threat and re-building the town back to its former glory.