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Review: Heroes of Annihilated empires - PC

by Steven Williamson on 2 November 2006, 14:43

Tags: Koch Media, Strategy

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A great start!

There are so many RTS games on the market at the moment that it’s extremely difficult to know which one to buy, but if you’re and RTS fan looking for something a bit different, Heroes of Annihilated empires could be just the ticket.

Heroes of Annihilated empires incorporates real-time strategy elements with an RPG-style levelling system in a rich, vibrant world where huge armies, led by their heroes, battle with malicious armies, using brute force and magic. The forest folk are the peaceful inhabitants of the Atlans and the hero of the game is an elf named Elhant, whose destiny it is to travel through 16 campaign levels in order to restore peace to the land and eliminate the threat from legions of undead, goblins, orcs and gnolls.

The opening cut-scene is an impressive starter to the main course of base building and epic strategic battles as you move through forest settlements and ancient fortresses picking up potions, visiting shops to stock up on weapons and magical enhancements, earning and casting spell cards, building bases using resources gathered by workers, and ultimately levelling up so that your hero becomes even more powerful.

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There are some mammoth battles in the campaign mode and along the way you’ll encounter giant rats, Minotaur, ghouls and hordes of undead. You’ll need to control the elvan forces, consisting of archers, pikemen and others, to the best effect, while using your own battle and magic skills to overcome the destructive impulses of the evil creatures that dwell in the undergrowth and woodland of the fantasy setting.

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As the bravest ranger in the Atlans you’ll gather together the elves of the forest and take on the likes of the orc riders and undead by highlighting each group and then moving them into position ready to attack or defend. The strategy aspect of gameplay works like any other RTS title; highlight the hero or group you wish to control and right click on an area to move them. The different factions under your control, such as the elf pikemen or archers, can be ordered to conduct different stances, such as attack mode or will hold ground when ordered. The friendly AI respond well to your commands and move fluently in the required direction and stick as a group attacking and defending when prompted; the enemy AI on the other hand can behave rather oddly.