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Review: Paraworld - PC

by Steven Williamson on 25 September 2006, 15:12

Tags: Koch Media, Strategy

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Paraworld - Introduction

Paraworld is a real-time strategy game set in a prehistoric world where warring tribes ride on the back of woolly mammoths, stegosaurus are used for transport and diplodocus wander around the hostile environment without a care in the world. Let’s face it, who isn’t fascinated by dinosaurs? The developers, Sunflowers, have chosen a great subject matter by bringing both humans and prehistoric animals together in this parallel reality where warring tribes work together with these creatures to build powerful armies. These armies don’t take too kindly to intruders, so it’s up to you to defend your territory and defeat these tribes in an ultimate quest of survival of the fittest.

In the campaign mode you’ll have to opportunity to play as three different tribes, the Norseman, the Dustriders and the Dragon Clan. As you set up camp right in the heart of dino territory you'll build an army through the collection of resources, have to defend your base from the attack of other tribes and dinosaurs, send your army out to defeat enemy bases, and all this whilst taking part in a variety of intriguing sub-quests.

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A portal has been opened into another dimension and three scientists find themselves in a world where tribes and dinosaurs often work side by side in a battle for control. Fuelled by mathematician Jarvis Babbit’s ego, these three scientists have been tricked into being trapped on Paraworld. Babbit has created a computer which allows him to know exactly where and when a portal will open to this parallel world. Rather than risking his own life, he hopes that these scientists will research the world and bring back the answers to the secrets that the land holds, which the mathematician believes is the answer to eternal youth.

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The campaign begins with three heroes, Anthony Cole, Stina Holmlund and Bela Andras Benedek. These heroes all offer unique skills, Cole is excellent in close combat, Holmlund is excellent at fighting against animals and Benedek’s strength lies in ranged combat. There are a total of 9 controllable heroes, including an Arch Druid and each units’ powers become stronger as you level up. For example, take Holmlund to level 3 and she gains the power to hypnotise animal (if only we could test that out on the Rottweiler).