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Review: Micro Machines V4 – PC

by Nick Haywood on 4 July 2006, 11:41

Tags: Codemasters, Racing

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It's a legendary gaming franchise

We thought a gag about something micro and Nick Haywood would start off this review just nicely… but apparently Mr ‘Winky’ Haywood is a bit tender about it so we thought it best to leave it…

Some games have a hugely impressive pedigree with a history that has dominated your early gaming years. Tomb Raider is one such game. Championship Manager is another. Then there’s Worms and Sensible Soccer too. Which just happen to be two Codemasters’ titles and so have something in common with the game under the spotlight, Micro Machines V4 a game that across multiple platforms ruled the roost for top-down, then isometric racing games.

That the Micro Machines franchise has been hugely entertaining in the past is beyond doubt. Not only were the single player levels tricky, challenging and frustrating in equal measure. The multiplayer game, especially on the Amiga, was simply awesome and the whole idea of just trying to get a screen’s length ahead of your opponent was inspired.

So now we have Micro Machines V4, the latest and hopefully greatest in the series, which is screaming its way onto PC, PS2, PSP and DS at the end of June, 2006… it’s got a hell of a legacy to live up to, so can it do it?