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Review: TOCA Race Driver 3 – PC

by Nick Haywood on 27 February 2006, 06:58

Tags: Toca Race Driver 3, Codemasters, PC, Racing

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TOCA Race Driver 3 – PC

Nick Haywood drives a Proton, so we gave him TOCA Race Driver 3 so he can see what a real car feels like….

We’ve given TOCA Race Driver 3 a fair bit of coverage already with a PS2 Hands-On, a PC Preview and plenty of screenshots. AT last we’ve got the full review code in the office, which means we can now take TOCA Race Driver 3 out for a full auto-test and not have to worry about scratching the paintwork.

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So, has much changed since our comprehensive PC Preview waaaaay back in December? Well, no, not really. We’ve got all the cars, classes and tracks here as before and other than a few minor tweaks, the front end looks the same as before. There’s a few more movies in this version too but by far the biggest difference is the tweaking that appears to have gone into the handling for the cars, which, given this is a racing game, is going to be the biggest change affecting how the game plays… so let’s get the engine started and go thrash the hell out of it.