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Review: Serious Sam 2

by Nick Haywood on 25 October 2005, 15:39

Tags: Serious Sam 2 (PC), Take-Two Interactive (NASDAQ:TTWO), FPS

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Serious Sam 2

In the absence of any better one liners, we chained Nick Haywood up in the review dungeon and beat him with rubber hoses… seriously. (Nick, that’s seriously poor-Ed)

By now I hope you’ve all had a good read of our HEXUS.Gaming :: First 15 : Serious Sam 2 Feature, which does exactly what it says and give you a look at our first impressions of the first 15 minutes or so of gameplay. Now comes the fun part where we get on a do a full review of 2K Games latest shooter from those crazy Croteam guys.

Now if you can’t be bothered with clicking the link to find out what Serious Sam 2 is all about, I’ll give you a very brief overview now. The idea of the Serious Sam games is to just blast everything in sight. The first game was famous for the sheer numbers of enemies you had on screen at once and for the first time since Space Invaders, gamers were faced with more than a handful of bad guys to deal with at once. A hell of a lot more than a handful… sometimes you’d be looking at over a hundred baddies all screaming in at once.

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But it wasn’t just the numbers that were impressive, it was the size too… some of those end of level bosses were simply enormous… They’d be towering a couple of hundred feet over you! Of course, the trick in surviving in Serious Sam was to take the bad guys down and try and keep your health and armour up to last until that wave of enemies was dealt with… That’s all there was too it. So is serious Sam 2 a question of more of the same, or have Croteam had a fiddle to try and tweak an already successful idea? Read on and find out.

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